Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Civil Air Patrol Program Comes To Roosevelt island - Learn To Fly An Airplane, Earn Pilot's License & Gain Valuable Leadership and Emergency Services Skills

Would you like to learn how to fly an airplane, earn your pilot's license and gain valuable emergency service skills? If so, an exciting new program coming to Roosevelt Island with the Civil Air Patrol may be of interest to you. Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Compliance Officer Sylvia Feliciano explains:
Please be advised a new and wonderful opportunity, for both children (ages 12 - 18), and adults, is coming to Roosevelt Island. The Civil Air Patrol (CAP), a U.S. Air Force Auxiliary program, will be forming a squadron on Roosevelt Island.

The Civil Air Patrol provides opportunities and exposure to skills and resources for cadets and senior members. For instance, cadets (ages 12-18) will learn how to fly an airplane, and with dedication to the program, can earn his/ her pilot's license. they will also be provided with aerospace education and will learn emergency service skills. Likewise, as senior members, adults will be trained in many of the same skills. Senior members are also provided with leadership training.

The program also provides opportunities to earn scholarships, compete in national competitions, along with an array of other benefits.

For more information on the Civil Air Patrol and the benefits it provides, please visit

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Lt. Colonel Van Don Williams, via email at
Ms. Feliciano adds:
I am a member and have been since last year. I've seen firsthand how cadets benefit from the skills and resources CAP provides. The aerospace education is fun and interactive. To know children can learn how to fly an airplane was unbelievable to me and I know the children on Roosevelt Island will definitely benefit from the program and have fun with it; most importantly, they will learn and take away much from it. I am ecstatic knowing the program is something they will be able to be a part of.
Ms. Feliciano should be commended for initiating this great new program for Roosevelt Island.

Here's a small sample of the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.

You Tube Video Of Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program


Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Public Safety Department supposed to be involved with this program?

Anonymous said...

From what I heard, they are. I spoke to the PSD Youth Officer, who was trying to recruit me as one of the adults. She is also working with the Schools, the Youth Center and Ms. Feliciano to get this nice program off the ground. I always wanted to learn how to fly, so I'm in.