Thursday, November 18, 2010

Report From RIOC President Leslie Torres - Tram Resumes Service Soon After Thanksgiving, More Parking Spaces, Email Complaint System, Roosevelt Island Projects & Upcoming Events

Image of RIOC President Leslie Torres

RIOC President Lesie Torres sends the following report to Roosevelt Island residents.
Date: November 17, 2010

It finally looks like autumn on Roosevelt Island. The foliage is now a mosaic of orange, yellow, and red and preparations are being made for the approaching holidays. I have been fortunate enough to see the fallen leaves in our soon to open Southpoint Park, which opens early spring 2011, as well as the FDR Memorial, currently under construction. The views and natural environment in those parks is magnificent and they will be a wonderful resource for residents in the near future.

Next-door to the upcoming parks, the Aerial Tram’s beautiful new cabins now wear Roosevelt Island’s name. They have been running back and forth to Manhattan as the New York State Department of Labor completes final testing and inspection this week. Feedback from licensing agencies has been very positive and all parties involved hope for passengers to be shuttling across the East River soon after Thanksgiving.

This season will have lots to celebrate. The Annual RIOC Tree Lighting at Blackwell House Plaza is Friday, December 3rd at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome; bring an appetite for holiday treats and warm up with hot chocolate and cider. Also, be ready for a photo with Santa who may drop by with little gifts for all kids.

Best wishes to all our Roosevelt Island family. I wish you all happiness and health while you enjoy your visits with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Projects Underway:

Good Shepherd Side Door Replacement Stained Glass Repairs - The side entrance door has been replaced, making general access to the building easier and safer. Though currently grey primer in color, they will be returned to their R.I. Red glory shortly. Access policies and procedures have not changed. We also removed two stained glass side windows in the chapel for repair which have since been reinstalled.

Main Street Parking - 34 new parking spaces have been added to Main Street next to the subway station as part of a pilot parking program that will test electronic devices that monitor parking spaces and relay availability information. Data is then transmitted wirelessly in real-time to smartphones, dynamic street signs, websites or handhelds. Using this information, drivers are led directly to available parking. Public Safety is also assisted in enforcement, policy, maintenance of roads and parking. If the pilot is successful, the system may be applied throughout the Island. Main Street’s West Road along the southern Promenade has been routed to accommodate the additions so that traffic is one- way northbound. Installation of electronic sensors began November 17.

Motorgate Parking Garage Refurbishing - Beginning on Friday, November 19th the entire 7th floor is available for parking followed by rooftop parking access the following week.

Octagon Field Border Landscaping - The trees removed during the soccer field restoration have been replaced by ADM Landscaping. They include five Honey Locusts, five White Fringetrees, three Sweetgums, six Red Oaks, three Golden Raintrees, eight Panicle Hydraneas and one Flowering Crabapple.

Public Safety HVAC roof equipment sound attenuation - An acoustic enclosure has been designed and bid. RIOC will bring a recommendation to the Board for approval in December to proceed with this project.

Z-Brick Resetting - Between 9/1/10 and 11/15/10 approximately 7,200 square feet of z-brick pavers on Main Street were reset, thus helping to eliminate pot holes and low spots that are a hazard to vehicles and pedestrians. We plan to ask the Board for approval of additional funds to continue these efforts in the early spring.

Projects in the Pipeline:

AVAC Undergroud Piping - During inspection of the system piping the “moles” from ENVAC (Swedish AVAC manufacturer) discovered seriously worn areas in the 20” diameter piping under Gristedes and in the east-west run between Roosevelt Landings and Capobianco Field. RIOC has received a proposal from ENVAC to protect the wear areas by welding steel plates inside the piping. Excavation and pipeline replacement in those areas would be far more expensive and disruptive. RIOC will be making a recommendation to the Board in December to proceed with the ENVAC proposal.

Events, Recreation, & Community:

Roosevelt Island 311 Email Complaint System - We have now implemented a new email comment service, Roosevelt Island 311, which will allow residents to contact RIOC on any island related issue. Whether it is a question, complaint or hazard that you may see while walking down Main Street, we advise everyone to email us at RI311@RIOC.COM so that we can address your issue in a timely

RIOC Community Office Hours - Residents are invited to come to the RIOC office at 591 Main Street on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m. to bring any concern or issue to our RIOC representative. For more information, please call 212-832- 4540.

Parks and Recreation - RIOC has implemented a new hotline for general parks and recreation information which can be reached by calling the general RIOC line (212-832-4540 ext. 504). It includes updated info on the tennis courts, Sportspark programs, special schedules for holidays, field rental procedures, and guidance for filming, photography, and special event permitting. As always, you can continue to check the website for last minute changes to expanded pool, ping-pong and basketball hours at Sportspark. Also, check out the exhibit in Sportspark which traces Roosevelt Island’s founding and development. The exhibit was curated by the Roosevelt Island Historical Society using materials from the RIOC archive.
A version of the RIOC President's column also appears on RIOC's web site and the November 20, 2010 Main Street WIRE.


Anonymous said...

What's the point of having parking spaces on the west side of the loop? There's nothing there that needs parking. It's going to be so ugly for no obvious reasons. How about investing some money into some infrastructure for bicycles?

Anonymous said...

"... all parties involved hope for passengers to be shuttling across the East River soon after Thanksgiving."??? Still no definitive date for normal operation of the tram to resume? This is not encouraging news!

Anonymous said...

Tram opens November 30th and the parking is to boost the businesses by Riverwalk. They also give the residents at Riverwalk and Rivercross parking to drop off grocery packages and the like.

Anonymous said...

Also to supplement the loss of parking around the south hospital that happened not so long ago, I would imagine.