Friday, May 9, 2014

Report From RIOC President Charlene Indelicato - Roosevelt Island Street & Motorgate Parking Rates Going Up, Tram Elevator RFP Issued, Mommy & Me Swim Class Registration, Bike NY Spring Kickoff Party, Octagon Tennis Resurfacing & More

Image of New Roosevelt Island Parking Meter on West Channel Road

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President Charlene Indelicato sends the following report to the community.
Now that temperatures are stable, work is moving forward quickly on the Island’s capital projects. RIOC and its partners are also bringing more community events and classes for kids and adults to the Island. Bike New York will be hosting a Spring Kickoff Party next weekend, and registration for the next session of Mommy & Me classes is available now. To stay informed about events, classes, construction and other Island-specific information, you can sign up for RIOC Advisories at

Many thanks are due to the artists who painted murals at the 2013 Fall for Arts Festival, whose work is now on display at the Motorgate Gallery (628 Main St.). Thanks as well to all who came out to celebrate, especially to the RIVAA Gallery for curating the show and hosting attendees after the opening.

Main Street and Motorgate Garage Parking Rates

Drivers are advised that beginning Monday, May 12, new rates will be in effect for existing short-term parking spaces on Main Street as well as on the East and West Roads. All parking meters will be updated with a rate of $0.50 per 15 minutes Monday through Saturday. There will be no charge for parking on Sunday. Signs will be posted on parking meters and near all affected parking to advise drivers of time limits and the fare change.

New parking rates for non-resident and daily parking at the Motorgate Garage will also be going into effect shortly. Beginning June 1, 2014, rates for daily parking will be $6.76 for up to one hour, with a maximum of $20.27 per twenty-four hour period. Rates for cars owned by non-residents will be changed one month later on July 1. These new rates are posted at the Garage to notify patrons of the facility. If you have any questions about parking in Motorgate, you may call 212-832-4585 with any inquiries.

Tram Elevator RFP

The process to design and build two new elevators at the Manhattan Tram Station continues to move forward. A Request for Proposals was issued on April 28, with responses due by May 28. This RFP requires a contractor to design, build and install two entirely new elevators and elevator shafts. The existing elevator will be replaced and the red passenger lift currently located at the station will be replaced by a new ADA-compliant elevator. The replacement of the elevators is a high priority for us right now, and we are determined to deliver a system that will serve both residents and visitors smoothly and efficiently. To that end, we will evaluate all proposals carefully and select the best contractor for the job. We will continue to do all we can to lessen the impact on the community throughout the process.

Octagon Tennis Courts

Last Monday, contractors were pouring concrete at the Octagon Tennis Courts to create new supports for the tennis net posts. The concrete requires two to three weeks to cure properly, during which time no work can be performed on the site. This period of time was planned out in the original construction schedule and will not delay the reopening of the Courts. Contractors will resume work once the concrete has cured completely, keeping the project on schedule to reopen at the end of June.

Bike New York’s Spring Kickoff Party

Next Saturday, May 17, the Bike New York Spring Kickoff Party will take place from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Capobianco basketball court on Roosevelt Island. We hope that you will join in at this family-friendly community celebration of bike month and the start of the bicycling season on Roosevelt Island. Activities will include a Learn to Ride Kids class, pop-up bike shop, free bicycle raffle, face painting, bike decorating, a ride around the island and more. This event is free and open to the public. For more information on this event or to learn more about Bike New York is bringing to Roosevelt Island, please contact

Mommy & Me Registration

Following a successful 8 weeks of Mommy & Me Water Safety classes, we are pleased to open registration for the May – June session of classes. Classes will take place on Sunday and Wednesday mornings from the week of May 18th until the week of July 6th, with makeup classes on the week of July 13th. Classes are $5/class for residents who pre-register, and $7/class for residents who drop-in. Spaces are limited to 13 children per class on a first come, first served basis. Visit our Parks and Recreation website at for more information, to register, or to look at our full calendar of classes and programs. If you have any questions or if you prefer to register in person, please email or call (212) 832-4569.