Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wow - Great Aerial Photo Of Roosevelt Island From Tip To Tip, FDR Park To Lighthouse Park - Manhattan And Queens East River Waterfront Too

From the Roosevelt Island Twitterverse:


Westview-er said...

I just learned that last week there was an attempted burglary in Westview (in addition to the two recently reported on this blog). From what I heard, the hooded suspect fled when the women, who was home at the time, can into the room. As far as I know nothing was stolen.

westviewgirl said...

Roosevelt Island is getting kind of crowded,almost 14,000 people live here?? So when will we reach capacity on the land or the population, how much more can we handle?

Westview-er said...

I just learned another apartment in Westview was burglarized. I didn't ask if it was yesterday or early today. Again, the door was unlocked. PLEASE EVERYONE, WE MUST LOCK OUR DOORS AT ALL TIMES. Please help put an end to this!