Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Roosevelt Island Residents Forming Group To Improve Conditions At Sportspark Pool - Users Invited To Join And Share Your Concerns

Are you a user of the Roosevelt Island Sportspark pool with concerns about how it is operated?

 Sportspark Image From Google Maps

If yes, consider joining the newly organized Sportspark Users Group.

Roberta Kleiman and Fred Gautier are leading the organizing efforts for the Roosevelt Island Sportspark Users Group. Ms. Kleinman and Mr. Gautier report:

In conjuction with the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Commitee, a group of us brought our concerns about Sportspark to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC). Thus far RIOC has addressed only a handful of these issues fully. The majority of concerns which we conveyed have not been clearly addressed, nor have we received any communication about a plan for remedy. This is particularly disconcerting as the initial list of concerns sent to RIOC are rather straight forward, for the benefit of the entire community, and not a matter of personal preference.

Our goal is to work together with RIOC to help improve conditions at Sportspark pool so that our community can continue to enjoy this facility that we are fortunate enough to have!

If you wish to join the Sportspark User’s group, please email us at:

Issues Awaiting Response from RIOC

Improved Sanitary Conditions in the Locker Rooms

The lockers rooms are consistently filthy and need to be cleaned daily. Many would like to know what the current schedule is.

Opening At Scheduled Time

This is of particular concern during weekday mornings.

Better Regulation of Air and Water Temperature

Do not keep windows and/or door open when it is cold enough for lifeguards to wear sweatpants and Jackets.

Do not backwash (adding a couple of hours worth of approximately 58 degree tap water while the pool is open).

Additional Issues

(These have not been forwarded directly to RIOC)

Pool Closure for Repairs during the Off-Season (sometime during the slowest months of December thru March, with a preference for December to cause the least amount of inconvenience)

Additional Heating Units in the Locker Rooms are needed for the coldest weather.

Rules Should be Enforced (for example coaching, particularly on the weekends leads to unsafe conditions and overcrowding, street shoes on the pool deck leads to water contamination), swim caps for all, etc.

Reconsideration of Pool Schedule (to accommodate increased Island population, particularly families)

Communication regarding whether RIOC plans to close Sportspark during exterior demolition of Goldwater Hospital (the temporary boiler is outside, accross the road from Goldwater)

Topics for Discussion:
  • What repairs are going to be done at the end of the year?
  • Are there any plans for repairing, cleaning (industrial strength) or renovating the locker rooms?
  • What are RIOC’s plans for Sportspark during Cornell construction?
  • Revisting the topic of overnight lockers.
Issues Addressed by RIOC

Let’s Make Sure We Have a Pool to Swim In

Charlene Indelicato explained RIOC’s plan to heat Sportspark in “The RIOC Column” dated April 26th. Erica Spencer, RIOC’s Community Relations specialist, added by email, one piece of important information. Ms. Spencer said, “Please note that the temporary broiler is in place until the permanent system is installed.” Thank you Ms. Indelicato for making this information public and for all your efforts to keep Sportspark in continuous operation!
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