Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RIOC Signed Contract With POMA For Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization - Shutdown Scheduled For July 6, 2009

Alternative Roosevelt Island Tram Cabin Images from RIOC

The controversy regarding the Roosevelt Island Tram Modernization is finally over. Whether the Tram needs to be replaced in the first place, or if it does, what type of replacement is necessary is now part of Roosevelt Island history. RIOC President Steve Shane reports that:
The Contract with POMA was signed and delivered today. After the delay occasioned by needing Governor's Office approval, the closure date was very close to July 4, so we decided to move the schedule to have closure Monday, July 6, 2009 to reopen not later than January 8, 2010, with one side to open by Christmas. This will permit the July 4 celebration event to take place as usual and should also be better for finishing the school year for the kids needing tram transportation through the end of the school year.
Here is RIOC's tentative Red Bus schedule to Queens Subway and Manhattan during the period of time when the Tram is out of service.

There is still time to take RIOC's online poll to express your preference for one of the four possible Roosevelt Island Tram Cabins pictured above. So far, the Carvatech is the favorite.


Anonymous said...

did you see the discovery channel program on earthquakes in nyc? they specifically showed what a bad day the tram would have in a quake.

hey, let's all ask shane if the tram will be rebuilt to earthquake-proof specs when it comes down next spring! :)


I did see the show. Very freaky watching the tram sway back and forth before the towers collaped plunging the Tram into the East river.

Would love to get the video for that scene but have not been able to find any yet.