Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nightimes Scenes From A Roosevelt Island January Snowstorm - If Going To Work Today, Travel Safely, If Staying Home, Have A Fun Snow Day!

Image Of Red Bus On Snowy Main Street From Riverwalk Rooftop

Some scenes from a snowy Roosevelt Island late last night and early this morning.

People coming home,

on their way to the subway after leaving work,

plowing the streets

and cars

parked on Main Street blocking the plowing of the streets.

From a rooftop

and street level.

More scenes from a snowy Roosevelt Island night here.

If you have to go to work today, travel safely and patiently. If you can stay home, have a fun snow day.

UPDATE 12:45 PM - RIOC and the Roosevelt Island building managements did an excellent job cleaning up after the snowstorm. Kudos to all who worked very hard through the early morning hours and continue to do so today.


Anonymous said...

It was wonderful this AM at 6:15 to walk out from one of the original WIRE buildings to clear sidewalks from mid-Main Street -- cleared by RIOC and others, and cross the street at Southtown, where the Related folks and even the MTA had clear walkways.
Dept of Sanitation deserves credit for their work too. And thanks to our early bird Red bus drivers who were available as always.

Even tho we only had 8-10 inches here, our crackerjack teams were on the money

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the RIOC and all of their workers (Grounds, Maintenance, PSD & Bus Drivers) who always insure that things that are taken for granted get done.