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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Report From RIRA Publc Safety Committee Chair - February 16 Roosevelt Island Public Safety Protest Demonstration And Beyond

RIRA Public Safety Chair Erin Feeley-Nahem at 2/16  Roosevelt Island Public Safety Demonstration

Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) President Ellen Polivy delegated the RIRA President's Report to Public Safety Committee Chairperson Erin Feeley-Nahem. Here's the RIRA Report from Ms. Feeley-Nahem:
Saturday, February 16 was an historic day on Roosevelt Island. In one of the largest protest actions in our Island's history, some three hundred residents gathered and picketed for change in the Good Shepherd Plaza. A rally followed, inside the Church, where an amazing program was heard highlighting personal accounts from survivors of Public Safety brutality, abuse, and constitutional rights violations. The day's activities received widespread media attention.

What was unique, as pointed out by Norman Siegel, former director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, in his remarks to the audience, was the broad and diversified audience in attendance, reflecting the variety of nationalities, peoples, cultures, ages, and genders which is indicative of our Roosevelt Island community.

The bulk of the allegations of Public Safety misconduct that has been brought to my attention, during my terms as the RIRA Public Safety Committee Chair, has been largely directed at Black, Latino, and Caucasian youth and young adults. However, as evidenced by the accounts heard at the rally, Public Safety Officer's aggressive behavior has been alleged by residents regardless of race, gender, age, or social class. The compelling lineup of witnesses telling their stories on Saturday, and the video shown, was eloquent testimony to this fact.

The Public Safety Committee's members are brainstorming on our next steps. All are in agreement that the momentum must continue and that for concrete progress our demand for changes in the leadership of the PSD and for the termination of Officer Ralph Torrens, who is alleged to have assaulted Anthony Jones, must be our top priority. We believe that this can be accomplished, and action should be taken toward this end immediately, by the RIOC Board.

After the February 16th rally and the clear, longstanding pattern of abuse presented (which are concretely supported by a number of lawsuits on file) we feel that there is sufficient smoke filling the air to be alarmed, and to realize that there is a fire. In today's post-Anthony Jones, post-rally, reality and political atmosphere, if Director Guerra and Deputy Director Bryan remain at their posts the RIOC Board risks being discredited and seen by Island residents as an obstacle to progress and part of the problem. I personally do not want to see this happen. The community has worked hard for the partial democratic representation for Island residents that the elected RIOC board personifies. We would all prefer to see RIOC get in front of this problem and do the right thing. A whole range of challenges are facing Roosevelt Island, for example with the coming of the Cornell Campus; how do we maintain our essential working-class and middle-class character in the face of these changes? It will be much harder to move forward and confront these challenges if the political obstacle of misconduct within the PSD is not addressed.

RIOC is the employer of the Public Safety Department. The RIOC Board is responsible for their oversight. Management contracts and "at will" employment can be legally terminated and replacements found. Let us recall the firing of Steven Shane. Without taking any position on the form and content of that decision, the point is that the decision was made. Whatever Shane's weaknesses or faults, and I would include among them a knee-jerk mentality of dismissing or downplaying the Public Safety Department's misconduct, the allegations of Public Safety Department's use of "excessive force" under the Guerra-Bryan regime, which has resulted in an outcry from a united group of residents, warrants comparable action.

As an Executive Director of a non-profit agency, I understand the RIOC Board's hesitation to add to the already vacant senior management positions. But this is a burning issue and fears of a lasting vacuum are misplaced. In reality there are many "qualified" persons who would love to serve a low-crime, urban-village community like ours.

The Public Safety Committee is determined to find solutions moving forward. I have discussed the idea of amending Micah Kellner's Assembly Bill A00956 with Tony Morenzi, Micah's New York Chief of Staff. By limiting the State oversight it addresses, and focusing it exclusively on Roosevelt Island's Peace Officers, a simpler bill is created, which will be easier to pass.

We collected almost 300 signatures on a petition at the rally, and plan on collecting more. This petition will be sent to our elected officials, with a follow up letter, as we continue to direct our concerns to them. Our committee will also not let up on the pressure we have initiated toward RIOC or change our demands for justice.

It has been announced that the RIOC Operations Committee will meet to review Public Safety's reports and response to the Board's questions on Monday, February 25th at 5:30 pm. It is imperative that all residents attend. We also encourage you to attend our future committee meetings, and if you have stories to tell, that you document them on our Facebook page, "Roosevelt Island Citizens Blotter" or email them to me at

The Committee and the Survivors would like to express our thanks to all our neighbors who showed solidarity and support of this cause. If we stay united and focused we will win.
The Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Operations Committee will be meeting tomorrow to discuss issues involving the Public Safety Department.

More on the February 16 demonstration here and two RIOC Directors respond here.


Mary Lynn Zelker said...

Survivors? Give me a break Erin. Your a joke. You continuously throw out that you are the chair of the public safety committee. Which is nothing but a toothless poodle. Which scares nobody.

Over 300 people attended your "rally" ? We all saw the front of the wire,about 75 people if that. The island has over 12,000 people. Do the math chairperson.

Then to further discredit everything your doing,you had people speak about the encounters with psd,but almost all are criminals. Blue beard is another story. 4 years later he is still talking about an incident in which he was rightfully arrested and about an officer that is no longer employed. From one woman to another,stop trying to be someone your not

CheshireKitty said...

Are you implying that it's OK for cops to nearly beat someone to death, then let them languish handcuffed to a hospital bed for days without medical care, until it is figured out that a fractured rib has caused a punctured lung, resulting in a large volume of blood to collect in said lung? The guy who survived this police brutality is a Survivor - and RI should speak out for him, which they are. Blue Beard was rightfully arrested? Are you out of your mind? Because he didn't move fast enough when taking a photo? Ever hear of exercising discretion and common sense? The cop didn't exactly do that in arresting Blue Beard - quite the opposite. What is an arrest like that supposed to convey to Islanders - that we must always fear the PSD because occasionally they will act in an irrational, harmful manner, and there's no way to predict when that will occur. PSD has done the same thing repeatedly to others - unnecessarily escalate minor incidents into full-scale arrests, for no reason. Minor incidents such as writing tickets for moving violations such as illegal U-turns. As far as the turnout for the demonstration, it was quite impressive. When was the last time you saw more than 2 or 3 hundred people turn out for any public event on RI? Fall for Arts, RI Day, Xmas tree lighting, Mayoral or gubernatorial candidates appearing to give speeches or even the anti sub metering rallies held at the at the Chapel - no matter the event, the maximum you ever get is around 2 or 3 hundred people. How many people, out of a population of 8 million or so (and many millions more than that in the metro area) show up at events in NYC such as demos, parades, rallies, and so forth? You do the math. The hundreds of thousands that show up in Times Sq for New Year's Eve are mostly tourists, not New Yorkers. You can sneer at anti police brutality rally turnout if you wish, but, it's pretty much in line with the percentage of the population that show up for public events anywhere in the City. And that will change: The longer the PSD continues on its present course under its present leadership, the more disgusted people will become, the larger the public outcry will get.

GeorgeProzakis said...

Stay where you are! Don't move! The meds are on their way!.

CheshireKitty said...

I don't know George, I think you'll be needing emergency meds once the IG decides PSD leadership must be sacked.

GeorgeProzakis said...

I don't care if they are sacked or not. That does not concern me. Her babbling like an incoherent drunk is what I am worried about. No facts as of yet. Still waiting like a good crime novel. Also, the IG does not decide is the "leadership" gets sacked or not. They look at facts and possibilities that may have arose from the alleged case at hand. Not of the leadership needs to go. That's not their job

Frank Farance said...

Officer Prozakis, not sure which "her" you're talking about in "her babbling like an incoherent drunk". I see coherent statements on this page from Ms. Feely-Nahem, who has made a similar point as mine: the RIOC Board could fire Steve Shane in an instant (because, as representing the State's interested he touched upon Rivercross privatization issues that affected the profiteering of the 4 of 7 RIOC Board Members from Rivercross). I also see coherent statements from ChesireKitty who makes the brilliant argument in response to Ms. Zelker's "do the math": Roosevelt Island is approximately 11,000, so with 300 attending the protest (1 of 37), that would be on the scale of 225,000 people protesting for some New York City issue. I can't think of a protest against NYC or NYPD on that scale in ages.

Thus, this was a very large protest for the Roosevelt Island community.

YetAnotherRIer said...

If you hold events like this rally in neighborhoods with more project housing you will see the same kind of outcome. Remove Eastwood residents from the rally and you are left with very few.

Frannie Fran said...

No we are talking about inside the church. You have no clue what your talking about...

Mary Lynn Zelker said...

Kitty your such a hypocrite. Throughout your other post,you always talk about people shouldn't be treated like this,we have rights,blah blah blah. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? PSD and the officers shouldn't be entitled to that according to you,frank and Erin.

Since NONE of us know that facts,we shouldn't be rushing and asking for people to fired.

What will you frank and erin do if the state concludes its investigation and it says it found no wrong doing by psd or its officers during the arrest and the events proceeding the arrest? I already know what you will say. "PSD is corrupt and the new York state investigator general is corrupt as well" I can see it already. Cause none of you can believe that maybe Anthony Jones story is a little exaggerated. If I'm wrong then i will apologize to everyone on here. But if you guys are wrong,what will you. Will frank and erin apologize to director Guerra,deputy byran and the rest of the entire public safety dept? Answer that one frank. What will you do if it comes out that no wrong doing was done?

Kitty,again you continuously say he was beaten. How do you know this? Your going by what his lawyer said. Of course his lawyer is going to say anything. Fact is we dont know,but your making them seem guilty before you k.ow anything,your judging off of heresy

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer: Nicely bigoted: it's not a question of injustice, it's just: these are Eastwood residents (read: Section 8), thus injustice doesn't matter. Attendees/petitions from all building complexes.

YetAnotherRIer said...

And you got that from my comment?

Joe Carbo said...

well alot of people in eastwood were forced into sec8 many of us did not want it
so stop talking about sec8 and eastwood people.if your rent goes up with you income is it best to keep your income low.thats why many of us are low In
come or dont work at all.

Joe Carbo said...

eastwood is still the best public housing in the city

CheshireKitty said...

He's saying the revulsion and outrage at what happened extend beyond Eastwood, as attested to by the non-Eastwood attendees and signers of the petition.

YetAnotherRIer - can we agree on one thing? If Guerra is opposed to police brutality and swears he never condones it, encourages it, and will never tolerate it, then why didn't he make a statement to that effect when Jones was beaten?

By not issuing a firm statement in support of the rule of law and our Constitutional rights 44 days ago when the Jones case first burst upon the scene, we draw the conclusion that Guerra allows, condones, encourages, and even coordinates Constitutional rights violations and police brutality.

YetAnotherRIer - can we agree that, if Guerra is an honest, ethical and humane man, then it should have been no problem for him to have stated his opposition to police brutality and rights violations, and perhaps even hold a community forum to reassure residents and address their questions? Guerra hasn't done so - even last night, he remained silent, probably on the advice of Lewis, the RIOC General Counsel, who may be advising Guerra to remain silent for the time being pending the arrival of the IG and audit teams.

But Guerra shouldn't have to "clear" or "check" with Lewis on such a declaration of his belief in and adherence to principles of fairness, humaneness, and respect for Constitutional rights. Guerra is currently on trial in the court of public opinion - fueled by outrage and revulsion - and his silence does nothing to dispel the belief that he supports and directs police brutality and violations of Constitutional rights.

The longer Guerra stays mum on the incident, the angrier people will become.

If Guerra will not affirm the basic principles of law enforcement, meaning enforcing the laws instead of breaking laws, as well as respect for the Constitution instead of unlawful imprisonment or kipnapping, then you can hardly blame more and more people on RI, from every development not just Eastwood, to henceforth take every opportunity to lawfully and peacefully express their anger at his continuing as PSD director.

To support Guerra is to support police brutality.

He's had many chances over the last 44 days to at least address the issue and try to reach out and reassure islanders that he's an ethical man opposed to police brutality, corruption, and shredding the Constitution. But he hasn't done so, and for that reason, among other reasons, he must go.

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer, yes I got that right and said it concisely. Had CheshireKitty said something similar (e.g., replacing Southtown for Eastwood), you'd be complaining like you did 3 months ago about CheshireKitty being racist and so on (see your comments on hardware store owner in 2012-11-14 article "Roosevelt Island Gristedes Beginning Long Awaited Renovation, Moving Entrance To Main Street, Adding Cafe, New Deli, Produce Section & More - Coach Scot's Main Street Sweets Ice Cream ..."). You dismiss Eastwood residents as a group, regardless of the injustices upon them.

Mary Lynn Zelker said...

Illegally confined Jones? Please elaborate what you mean by this.

GeorgeProzakis said...

Not her, I was directing to Cheshire. She rambles incoherently.

GeorgeProzakis said...

In all fairness, just like with the NYPD, we all have bosses on top of bosses. Sometimes the ones at the top tell the ones below him or her to zip it. Perhaps the same thing happened?. It really does not look or sound good but from my experience its either due to legality or the person is not a strong speaker, which I doubt.

CheshireKitty said...

Being handcuffed to a hospital bed - although no charges are filed. Is that legal?

CheshireKitty said...

The message is clear: Out with Guerra! Guerra must Go! It's time for Guerra to quit! I don't see anything incoherent about this message, George..

CheshireKitty said...

Look, George, Guerra has nothing to lose by making a statement saying he never will condone or support police brutality. He can't simply be a yes-man to lawyers from Albany. He can have a community forum - no-one can stop him from doing so.

But he does none of this, expecting the brouhaha to blow over and the same-old same-old to take over, so that people eventually forget about PSD and police brutality.

This scenario, of counting on townspeople's (1) passivity and smugness, the attitude that, well I've never been in trouble with the law, so why should I care? If I've never been in trouble with the law, then it's none of my business! or (2) racism and/or class prejudice - well, why should I get involved, that person is not of my ethnic group of social class. What do I care for him?

This scenario, George, is really starting to look like the script of melodramas like the Oscar winners "High Noon" and "Bad Day at Black Rock": In each film, it just takes one courageous lawman to show isolated towns filled with indifferent townspeople they must not turn their backs on victims, be they victims of racism or victims of out-of-control gunmen.

In Black Rock, one lawman eventually prevails against virulent anti-Asian racism to deliver a posthumous military medal to the survivors of a Japanese-American soldier.

In High Noon, "law-abiding" "church-going" "Bible-reading" townspeople prefer not to get involved or unite to face down a gunman and his posse out for revenge. It was no problem for these "moral" "respectable" individuals to "hide in Church" studying the Bible and let the target of the gunman die, without even trying to stop him. In the end, High Noon's town of "law-abiding" citizens are seen cringing behind their shuttered windows, turning away as the one stubborn lawman risks death by taking on the gunman and his posse, so as to save the life of the gunman's target.

Who was right in these films, George? The lawman or the the smugly "respectable" "Church-going" townspeople; the lawman or the viciously "anti-Asian" townspeople?

Are we going to do the same thing here?

Are we going to let the brutal cops who beat Jones go unpunished because our race, skin color or "class" isn't the same as Jones?

Are we going to let Guerra have his way - his illegal way - because we prefer not to get involved, are too "self-satisfied" "smug" and self-involved? It would be a shame if we did.

Sometimes, standing up for justice and Constitutional rights is an uphill battle, a long, lonely road that only gritty patience and determination conquers. We all struggle with these issues individually George; in some way, we're all lonely travelers on that road filled with indifference and prejudice. We must support victims of police brutality no matter their ethnic background, race, or class.

And George: A man should be a man. Guerra should stand up and say what he thinks - stand up for humaneness, and condemn police brutality. Otherwise, no one is reassured that Guerra is actually on the side of the law - doesn't condone police brutality and the trampling of the Constitution.

Frank Farance said...

CheshireKitty: Agree with all your points, except that Guerra thinks he can ride out this storm. According to the RIOC Board on Monday, they don't handle complaints about PSD, one should file an IG complaint. The RIOC Board seems to think they have no reason for firing Guerra, so anything Guerra says right now doesn't really help him, and can hurt him.

However, the silence of Public Safety will only bring it down in the community's eyes, so Guerra needs to think: I can't save myself, maybe I need to think about saving my department. Really, the protests will continue and gather more signatures until Guerra and crew are gone.

YetAnotherRIer said...

You are so missing the point and will argue even that to death. Good luck.

YetAnotherRIer said...

So, you agree. Guilty until proven innocent because no statements were made. You would be such a bad lawyer, Kitty. The opposing counsel would have a field day with you.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Luckily, the public has no say in this. And from what I have been reading here, I am glad that we, the residents, don't have that power.

CheshireKitty said...

If it was up to you, and people that think like you, we'd have to accept everything government dishes out - right or wrong. That's not exactly what a dynamic, representative democracy is about.

Every elected official that sits on the sidelines in this fight should be on notice that not only will the electorate on RI remember when they go to the voting booth they remained silent, but will also make known their silence to the people of all the other areas they represent. How would Ms. Lappin like a headline to appear in a local publication like Our Town around Election Day - Lappin Sat on the Sidelines as Police Brutality Went Unchecked on Roosevelt Island. The free flow of information - upon which we may base our voting decisions - is part of what democracy is about.

Passively accepting beatings, kidnapping, mistreatment, is antithetical to a healthy democracy. Isn't democracy what we treasure most? To combat infringements of our rights, there aren't ever enough peaceful protests and actions. It is inevitable,crucial and necessary they continue.

People can make a difference when they protest unjust practices and laws.

Wasn't the Civil Rights movement an example of a mass peaceful movement successfully overturning unjust laws, the Jim Crow laws?

Wasn't the Revolutionary War an example of people banding together, in that case as an organized sovereign state including militias and army, to overturn an unjust tyranny which included cruel and unusual punishment?

I think you are very much mistaken in thinking the residents here, as elsewhere, don't have the power. As the song goes, People have the Power. The power is democracy - and we all have it, and should use it.

CheshireKitty said...

Guilty in the court of public opinion certainly, unless he reaffirms his commitment to just and fair policing, and puts the officers who beat Jones on suspension. By not suspending those that did, Guerra supports beatings and kidnapping. Guerra himself should be suspended by his superiors at RIOC - for allowing brutality even if he didn't personally beat the victims.

CheshireKitty said...

Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen once IG complaints are filed. RIOC board can thus conveniently wash their hands of the matter - it's literally out of their hands since only the IG can handle complaints, according to them.

Their reasoning is quite flawed.

If they had a manager or VP who had figured out a way to "cleverly" embezzle money out of the RIOC budget, would they not fire the VP? The RIOC board mustn't pretend they "have no reason" to likewise fire Guerra, because the "IG complaint process" is in place. What if Guerra had been at the scene of the brutality, lost his head, pulled his firearm and actually shot Jones to death? Even that would have just been "referred to the IG"? What does it take for the board to make a decision and fire a RIOC employee such as Guerra?

As Nathem pointed out at the meeting on Monday, the RIOC board had no difficulty firing Steuber following his assault at the hands of the PSD. Since the board can fire personnel as it sees fit, it should also have no problem firing Guerra.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Nope. We have a due process in this country. That's why the kid's mother hired a lawyer. That's why the state started an investigation. There will be an outcome. But you, just like Frank, this blog of some sorts, the WIRE, and all the others, jump the gun and already KNOW the outcome. You just cannot wait for the investigation to finish and base everything on a one sided report because you have your own little agenda.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Guilty in the eyes of a very small minority on this island.

GeorgeProzakis said...

He was arrested on probable cause, processed and then the case was dismissed by the ADA office. To say no charges were filed is misleading and false. Please support your arguments with facts.

RooseveltIslander said...

Please show me where I have "jumped the gun" and "already know the outcome" on these allegations. I don't think that is true and believe I have presented the issue in a fair and objective manner.

If RIOC/Public Safety Department refuses to provide its version of what happened, how else can the incident be reported?

What would you have done differently?

CheshireKitty said...

Processed? Are you kidding me? He was transported to the hospital after the beating he received at the hands of PSD. That was some "processing" George. And then - probable cause? The DA didn't think the kid had done anything wrong. So why did PSD go after Jones? I guess we'll just have to find out at the trial of the PSO's who beat him.

CheshireKitty said...

What possible reason would Jones' mom have to lie on camera before a dozen news reporters, when that account could later be used in court to prove she was lying? There's no upside for her to lie. Plus, there will be corroborating testimony, plus there's the photos and videos.

There's always two sides to any story, that's true - but I strongly believe the mom does not lie or exaggerate in her account of her son's mistreatment, beating, false imprisonment, etc. Since I do not have reason to doubt her, I accordingly say the officers who beat Jones should face charges, Guerra should also face charges for conspiracy when he directed his staff to falsely imprison or kidnap Jones, and the entire PSD leadership should be removed since they have been corrupted by Guerra. Of course I call for an investigation, trials, and an audit.

In similar cases, though, the offending officers would have long since been put on suspension or desk duty, and the CO of the precinct, if found to have acted improperly to direct a conspiracy, would have been relieved of his post.

It would be a simple thing for the RIOC board to put Guerra under oath at their own hearing and have him give sworn testimony as to what he did or did not do that day with regards to his directions to the officers who beat Jones and later imprisoned him illegally. If he refuses to answer questions under oath, they should then fire him on the spot. If he agrees to testify, the board could weigh his testimony in light of the account provided by Jones or his attorney and then decide if Guerra is fit to direct the PSD.

Having him and the offending officers continue is tantamount to excusing them for the time being for the beating, which sends an extremely grim message to people: No-one cares if you are beaten. RIOC promotes trampling rights in upholding their PSD, which tramples rights, and they are arrogant, to the extent that they curse their constituents in public meetings. YetAnotherRIer - this is no way to run RI.

CheshireKitty said...

Oh, so the majority of islanders approve of nearly being beaten to death by police? I doubt it.

GeorgeProzakis said...

Come on seriously?. I can think of a million reasons why to lie and those reasons come in the form of MONEY.

GeorgeProzakis said...

The DA office typically and usually drops many cases a day. It's not uncommon if they dropped his. Perhaps the DA did not want to keep the clock ticking for his arraignment?. I don't know, neither do you. All I can do is provide possibilities due to my experience in the field of policing.

CheshireKitty said...

She would lie on camera when the tape could be used against her in court? Or are you implying she'll lie in court? If you're saying she'll lie in court, then God help her. If perjury can be proven, she's off to jail. That's why I strongly doubt she lied on camera at the news conference - there's just no upside for her to do so in light of the upcoming case.

CheshireKitty said...

Suppose there was probable cause to detain him. Does that justify beating him so that he ends up in the hospital with a punctured lung? The case is similar to Rodney King case - where a man was beaten repeatedly after he had been cuffed on the ground. That's a classic example police brutality and we all know the beating tape led to devastating consequences for the city of LA. I don't support rioting but I must say I, like the majority of Americans, was infuriated that the LAPD felt they could beat King so severely when he was already down, cuffed, and subdued. The Rodney King case led to many changes at the LAPD - too bad it took nearly beating King to death and the subsequent days of rioting for the changes to occur.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Sorry. My fault. It was an editing mistake. Let me fix my comment.

YetAnotherRIer said...

For the millionth time: There has been no proof that anybody was nearly beaten to death. And the majority on this island understand this.

CheshireKitty said...

Yes, that certainly is a problem. Those placed in Section 8, if their income later disqualified them from the voucher, should have then been protected by rent stabilization. That is what is happening in Island House to those tenants who will not be in a position to buy their apts. The affordability plan that was worked out for Eastwood was flawed in that it didn't allow for Section 8 tenants' future situations changing although the LAP tenants do not face the same problem when their financial situation changes. The Eastwood affordability plan wasn't even-handed insofar as the Section 8 tenants were concerned in comparison to the deal worked out for the LAP tenants.

CheshireKitty said...

Anthony Jones' mother did not just make up the fact that her son suffered a fractured rib and punctured lung (among other injuries) at the hands of PSD requiring hospitalization at an acute-care facility. That much is not in dispute. What is in question is what the State of NY will do in response: Close ranks around the disgraced Keith Guerra, since he has chums in high places? Decide to limit the damage by putting the kibosh on the IG investigation? Even lean on the AG & DA not to investigate too closely? If all these investigations don't happen, then RIOC will be in an excellent position to dictate terms to Jones in a possible settlement, such that the amount of money offered will be reduced as a result of the victim's reduced leverage from no investigations, and perhaps to even to symbolically punish Jones for creating a furor, which would send a message to any other defiant residents contemplating doing the same thing. If this is the outcome, then RIOC gets off cheap, and in exchange for the confidentiality agreement Jones will need to sign to receive the settlement money, the records of his beating will be sealed, thus effectively placing those in the PSD responsible for Jones' beating beyond the reach of the law, or, the need to face the consequences of their brutality. The local scandal is thus limited, various PSOs either retire or quit. No word of the beating is attached to any PSO's name - and Jones? Let's say he took one for the team, in a way. He walks away a richer man, true, but maybe one even more disillusioned with our great criminal justice system than before.

Anonymous said...

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Упаковочный материал в руках профессионалов, стал необходимым инструментом, с помощью которого удается создавать гармоничные цветочные композиции, впечатляющие взор. В настоящее время упаковочный материал получил такое распространение и популярность, что трудно даже представить современный подарочный букет без его использования.
У нас действует гибкая система скидок. У нас отличные условия работы. Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту. Наши сотрудники проконсультируют Вас по тому или иному товару. Кротчайшие сроки доставки Вашего товара.

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