Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Roosevelt Island Door Magnets Reminding You To Check Weekend F Train Service To And From Manhattan Available At Roosevelt Island Historical Society Kiosk

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) adds another addition to it's collection of Roosevelt Island memorabilia. RIHS President Judy Berdy reports:

Are you frustrated with the continual planned services changes in our weekend subway service?

Here is a solution.

Put a magnet on your door to remind you that there is no service in one direction.

There are two magnets available:
No Manhattan Bound Service
No Queens Bound Service
Image Of Magnets From RIHS

The ultimate in Roosevelt Island memorabelia has arrived. Our two new magnets are now on sale in the RIHS Visitor Center Kiosk. $5- each (We accept charge cards)
You can also purchase a Tram magnet

as well as other items at the RIHS Kiosk.


Bill Blass said...

In recent years. We have seen a tsunami of nee construction in Williamsburg and long island city can any of the units in those new glass towers be counted as affordable.the answer is no.the Bloomberg administration encouraged that development but imposed no requirements for including even moderate income units.a second example is the stahl organizations application to demolish the landmarked first ave estates this is a block model tenements on 64,street and build a luxury tower that would replace 190 rent regulated apartments.working class families will all be hard pressed to find an affordable apartment anywhere in the five boroughs.kitty when the hell are things going to get better for the real new Yorkers who are not making the money like old Rosie I wish these hipsters would all stay and live in the hick town they grew up in.

KTG said...

LIC & W'Burg hey were largely built on the 80/20 rule for affordability. Again why do you focus on these areas when you can go farther out and get lower prices.

BTW more affordable units were built under Bloomberg just so happen market took off around them.People want to come here because the job are here the jobs that create tax income and make this city work.

Why should they leave, it make more sense for you to go to place that aligns to your skills in job market and income?

OldRossie said...

ignoring his extensive history of being a racist, a bigot, and a hate monger (I'm talking about spike lee here, not Bill...), this rant doesn't have much direction. He's saying NYC private schools are difficult to get into if you have money or not, the african-american population in poorer neighborhoods is falling because developers are PAYING THEM large sums for their properties and they're "reverse migrating" to better situations outside of NY, and the rents get cheaper the further you get from Manhattan. Where is the negative in these statements?

IN FACT, he points out that there is now regular garbage collection in Fort Greene, PS 20 and PS 11 are now good schools, and a mother can safely push babies and strollers down 125th street at 3 in the morning! These are good things!
The ONLY thing he explicitly complains about is that it took white people moving in for things to get better (implying NYC officials have always been racist), and anyone not african-american are not welcome in these neighborhoods (which is an interesting position to take - as if he's saying 'it's our ghetto, get out').

I wouldn't stand behind any of this nonsense (no matter how contradictory his points are), but on the notion that any neighborhood belongs to any community, I'd suggest spike do a little more homework on the real early inhabitants of those neighborhoods.

OldRossie said...

You're right, except Bill will never understand the concept of aligning skills and jobs... can you guess why?

Bill Blass said...

I was watching the Jerry Springer show and as usual there were two white woman from down south frighting over a black guy.I never see two black woman frighting over a white guy.can any of you female hipsters from down south tell me why.

Bill Blass said...

I understand how hard it must be for the hipster population on Roosevelt island to have no thai restaurant but I understand that they are knocking down colder hospital to build a golf course.this Wil make them happy

westviewgirl said...

you are a racist towards hipsters..why is that? Anyone can live anywhere they choose, pay any rent they choose, and life has always been like that. supply and and demand, and is how life is...dissect it up anyway that makes you feel more superior, but ranting and raving about hispsters is just funny 8)

CheshireKitty said...

Yeah, I've heard about that controversy on 64 St - and York, right? Typical greedy land-owner who wants to flip the property and probably move to a warm climate with his riches. I'm hoping BdB will come down hard on these depraved moves - rendering 190 working class families homeless and with few options to find comparable lodgings at comparable rent, just so 1 greedy landlord can score and then depart to Florida or Mexico. There is no limit to the landlord's greed. They want to score now that the market is up - woe to the long-term tenant in a rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartment.