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Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Very Young Jerry Seinfeld Jokes About NYC Amusement Park Ride, The Roosevelt Island Tram In 1977 - Picture Of Manhattan Tram Station From 1976 And Video Of 1978 Roosevelt Island

A very young Jerry Senifeld jokes about the Roosevelt Island Tram in 1977

and this is what the Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station looked like in 1976

Here's what Roosevelt Island was like in 1978.



CheshireKitty said...

LOL. I just love winding you up, Rossie! Rossie is always guaranteed to say another dumb thing, no matter what anyone says! So predictable!
I don't assume anything about anyone - there must have been a few non-whites who voted for Bloomberg clone Lhota, I suppose - but not too many.

Also, what makes you think many liberal whites didn't vote for de Blasio? Are they all racists for having voted for him? Calling de Blasio supporters racists was Bloomberg's game, as I recall - when he voiced his resentment at de Blasio hitting the campaign trail with his African American wife and biracial kids. That move backfired on Quinn & Lhota, who were both rightly trounced.

You're entitled to your opinion on BdB - I'm just asking you to substantiate his "failings."

Re: Taxes. Pensioners certainly do pay tax on pensions. What makes you think they don't? Taxes are taken out before I get that income, I file Federal and State just like everyone else.

OldRossie said...

Helen, you stopped winding me up a year ago when I found this site. In fact, I get the impression no one (here, the wire, RIRA, or your former employer) take you seriously at all. I'm not calling de blasio or anyone else a racist, just you.

CheshireKitty said...

Rossie: What is it with you? You seemed obsessed with me! I'm just asking you to substantiate your negative statements about BdB - you seem unable to do so. Go ahead, Rossie; Just do a quick Google search on BdB and come up with some articles from Fox or one of your other favorite conservative news sources on BdB.

What makes you think I'd deny saying that class considerations must be the source of your resentment of BdB, although many other whites, obviously more progressive than you, voted for him? If you voted for Lhota, then you continue to be a sore loser. Get over it.

The intersection of class and race unfortunately is very much the institutional racism that still permeates our society, despite the at least 50 years of intensive civil rights legislation. The mostly Caucasian yuppies enjoy the benefits of a better education in the better neighborhoods and suburbs and go on to the better, more highly-paid jobs. The rest of the population struggles in low-paying jobs, with the yuppies or their friends in government denying them even minimum-wage hikes, or paid sick leave. It's a fact that society is divided along class and race lines - how many non-whites are in the 1%? Not many. Rising inequality has only made the divisions more extreme.

Thankfully, the 99%, and especially those in the lower income segment of the population, do have the power of the vote, and occasionally a populist like BdB will come along, and will get elected.

Now, about BdB: Could you please furnish some information on his many "failings?"

Mark Lyon said...

Rossie, that's just what greedy racists do. She can't help it. I fear that's really how she sees the world.

CheshireKitty said...

No, Rossie: You are always guaranteed to reply angrily/resentfully - because you know I'm right. That's the beauty of having someone like you to wind up - like a wind-up toy! If you weren't a wind-up toy, you'd stop getting wound up, but you don't. Love it!

For the umpteenth time, please disabuse yourself of the misapprehension that Kitty = Helen. That just ain't true. Kitty is a kitty - like the handle sez.

My former employer? That's a riot. I was laid off by my former employer and now am a retiree enjoying the whole range of retiree benefits. You think you'll have funds/pension/med ins when you retire? Dream on. You resent that I worked for over 20 years at a relatively low-paying job, with very few absences, and now get to enjoy a nice pension and so forth, because you know that when you retire, other than your 401(k) you may not receive a pension. Rossie: Every relatively low-paid employee at my old employer's that put in the years, gets a pension and so forth. Consider that: The thousands of workers, many of whom are non-white, many of whom without the years of education you had to sweat through, get to retire and collect pensions, but you won't (probably). That must really make your skin crawl. Good!

I don't wind you up to get the WIRE or RIRA to take me seriously. That would assume I take the WIRE/RIRA seriously to begin with. I wind you up because it's so funny to see you get wound up each time. It makes my day, Rossie!

There you go - falling back into your comfort zone and calling me a racist, just like Bloomberg called BdB a racist. Can you please explain how a simple class/race analysis, including consideration of the !%, and the extreme income inequality that is a hallmark of our society today, doesn't point to persistent racism?

I'm not the only one pointing this out: Here's a link to SC Justice Sotomayor's Schuette Dissent of 4/22/14, in which she states: " This refusal to accept the stark reality that race matters is regrettable. The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to speak openly and candidly on the subject of race, and to apply the Constitution with eyes open to the unfortunate effects of centuries of racial discrimination. As members of the judiciary tasked with intervening to carry out the guarantee of equal protection, we ought not sit back and wish away, rather than confront, the racial inequality that exists in our society."

Based on Sotomayor's comments, I suppose you would call her a racist, too?

OldRossie said...

You're right, I am obsessed! I can't get over the constant ridiculousness... Just about everyone commenting has sensible points. but you....
And no, I'm not going to send links of facts. I much prefer you continue to rant. I don't think anyone actually reads it, but in case there are newcomers to the site, lets make sure they know who to ignore...

OldRossie said...

Again, just you. Let the record show Helen Chirivas openly states she doesn't take RIRA seriously. Is this someone that should be on the common council?

CheshireKitty said...

"Let the record show" - How characteristically pompous of Rossie. What utter balderdash. Blog comments = a record? I don't think so. Anybody swears us in to depose when we comment? LOL. You are in a dreamland, my friend - but it's still funny to see you rave on and on..

No, you are wrong: Helen Chirivas did not state that, because the Cheshire Kitty is not Helen. How many times does that have to be explained to you? There is no way you can prove who the Cheshire Kitty is. I've already checked with the admin and he will never reveal the true identity of the Kitty! An anonymous handle is just that - an anonymous handle; just like Old Rossie is an anonymous handle. I wonder who Old Rossie really is (not)!

At least I'm in good company with Judge Sotomayor - go ahead, call those who complain about racism racists. You're a sore loser, Rossie, and you can't get over the fact that your elite layer is not exactly at the top of the heap anymore.

As far as RIRA is concerned, all RI residents - even you - are members, by virtue of being residents. You should take a poll of how many on RI take RIRA seriously - you be surprised!

OldRossie said...

I have an honest question: is it frustrating that no one wants to discuss race issues with you? You try so hard to keep the focus on race, I assume it's torture that people don't bite.

CheshireKitty said...

I just lauded BdB for bringing the July 4th Fireworks back to the E. River - but you took that as an excuse to dump on the poor man again (of course - predictably - which is why you're such a wind-up toy).

Why don't you lay off the Mayor for once and agree that he did well in getting the July 4th Fireworks back to the E. River. You can't do that though because you're a reflexive, knee-jerk conservative. If that's not so, don't jump all over my comment: Way to go, Bill de Blasio! I dare you to refrain from dumping on BdB just once.

CheshireKitty said...

LOL - greedy racist? What is that supposed to mean? Let's hear your analysis of the poor, underprivileged, and the discriminated against - how all these people, are greedy. (Let's not forget the many whites who are equally poor/down-trodden - whipsawed by the forces of vicious globalization.) That may give us a clue as to why other Cities possibly held more attraction to you than the wonderfully diverse, and inclusive, 5 boroughs of NYC.

CheshireKitty said...

As I said: You can't substantiate your negative comments about BdB! I win, you lose!

NotMyKid said...

Not even 5 months into his term, he's already embroiled in a scandal.

CheshireKitty said...

You mean this FBI investigation?

westviewgirl said...

not everyone wants the crowds, the noise, the smell, the cluster **** of tourists crowding our tram, train and island. What is so good about having them on the Eastside? Anyone?

OldRossie said...

Try not to get shot...

CheshireKitty said...

But that's like not wanting the crowds of the Halloween Day parade, or the crowds of New Years Eve in Times Square, or the crowds of the Labor Day parade on Eastern Parkway, or the crowds thronging Coney all summer long, or the crowds that flood the Upper East Side for the Puerto Rican Day Parade and all the other parades and events each one with their crowds "....the noise, the trash..." The crowds are what make New York, New York.

On July 4th people have bbqs, drink beer, watch the fireworks, and have parties. Once, they also set off fireworks.

As with most if not all mass outdoor events, there is always going to be the possibility that things will get out of hand, as they did last year with the altercation and shooting. It is probably impossible to completely make the celebration of July 4th "incident-free" throughout the City.

Why should RI be immune from the crowds that throng the East River shoreline for July 4th? RI is part of NYC - and throughout the City residents will be celebrating at parks and backyards. The same thing happens throughout the country.

Those that don't wish to deal with the crowds along the river can always simply watch the fireworks extravaganza on TV.