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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Roosevelt Island Midsummer Night's Music Presented By R&R Concerts Tonight At Good Shepherd Community Center

The folks from our local R&R Concerts are presenting a Midsummer Night's Music tonight.

According to R&R Concerts:
Midsummer Night’s Music

Good Shepherd Center
543 Main Street, Roosevelt Island, NY

7:30 PM

Elizabeth Perry, violin
Ralph Allen, violin
Richard Wolfe, viola
Anthony Vine, viola
Iris Jortner, cello
Peter Weitzner, bass
Francine Kay, piano
I attended last week's Beautiful Beethoven Concert and it was beautiful.
Some background from R&R Concerts:
Rosemarie & Robin Russell, through their love of music and generosity of spirit, brought world-class concerts and music education to Roosevelt Island. To build upon this legacy, R&R Concerts is bringing highly accomplished musicians to a new generation of Roosevelt Island families...

In the week before each concert, Public Outreach Performances are held at community centers on the Island to provide residents who have limited mobility the opportunity to learn about the music, talk with the musicians and hear excerpts from the concert program...
More about R&R Concerts here.

R&R Concerts received $7,000 in 2014 Roosevelt Island Public Purpose Funds.


Mark D Tannen said...

At 9 PM on Friday, July 25, 2014, my family looked for a parking space on the street along the power plant near Roosevelt Island Bridge, but it appeared that ALL available parking had been re-arranged, displaced or commandeered (legally or without a permit?) by a convoy of motion picture production trucks, which had placed red cones on whatever available parking spaces remained around them, ignoring regularly-posted parking signs. We noticed drivers sitting in their trucks, eating, drinking and talking, probably waiting for commands to begin filming at night on Roosevelt Island or nearby. They heckled us but said that, for security reasons, they were protecting film equipment and could not communicate why they were there or whether they had legitimately rearranged all the regular available parking spaces. After we parked nearby, we walked back along the darkened Roosevelt Island Bridge and were surprised to discover that there was no security lighting, but it occurred to us that it was a strange coincidence that filmmaking might have been a real motive behind blackout, which might have suited the dark scenes from some film script! Was it sheer coincidence? If anyone can contact authorities to investigate this, it might prove to be an interesting story, but the bottom line is that we're inconvenienced without this nearby bridge parking, we're endangered because there were no personnel nor any temporary lighting on the bridge to guide or protect pedestrians as we walked back to Roosevelt Island, and RIOC has lost a chance to charge the film crews the deserved permit and licensing fees for filming on RI.

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