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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Roosevelt Island Sportspark Users Group Meet With RIOC To Address Issues Of Concern - Positive And Productive Changes Already Made But More Is Needed To Continue Improvements

Sportspark Image From Google Maps

Reported May 7 on the formation of the Sportspark Users Group:
... In conjuction with the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Island Services Commitee, a group of us brought our concerns about Sportspark to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC)...

... Our goal is to work together with RIOC to help improve conditions at Sportspark pool so that our community can continue to enjoy this facility that we are fortunate enough to have!...
Roberta Kleiman is one of the organizers of the Sportspark Users Group. Ms. Kleiman recently met with the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) to discuss issues of concern regarding the Sportspark facility. Ms. Kleiman shares this report on her meeting with RIOC:
I am delighted to report that the meeting with RIOC was tremendously positive and productive! They listened to each and every issue, question, and suggestion we had with great concern, care and a committment to improving Sportspark! Matters of safety, hygeine, courtesy and consideration are being addressed, and a commitment was made to recify. All of our suggestions are being carefully considered, and we will see changes over the next several weeks and months for immediate concerns, and the next several years for longer range plans.

I have already seen positive changes, but more is needed to continue improvements. We will be following up with RIOC so please keep your constuctive concerns and suggestions coming!

The following is a recap of the issues that were discussed.

Immediate Concerns:

Improved Sanitary Conditions in the Locker Rooms

This is a two part issue;
  1. The facility is old, it looks dirty and broken down even after industrial strength cleaning. A major renovation would be required to fix this (more on this below).
  2. However, although I see some efforts to improve daily cleanliness, the locker rooms are still often dirty. Discussion with RIOC included the possibility of posting a cleaning schedule, but this has yet to be implemented. We look forward to improvements in this area.
Opening At Scheduled Time

As far as I can tell, major improvements have been made in terms of opening Sportspark on-time. Please let us know if you continue to experience delays in opening at the scheduled time.

Better Regulation of Air and Water Temperature (meaning the extremes)

The areas we discussed in terms of extremes in water and air temperature are;
  1. Not backwashing during open swim (in general) and
  2. Not opening doors and windows when it is so chilly that lifeguards are wearing warm up jackets
As far as I can tell, this has been rectified.

We did NOT discuss average daily pool temperature, nor did we discuss mechanical or human errors creating infrequent extremes in pool temperature. Some members of our group have expressed the desire to bring this up in a future meeting with RIOC.


RIOC said they would look into the amount and types of chemicals being used to see if any improvements need to be made. No word yet on the result of this inquiry.

Staff (rudeness by some)

RIOC said they would look into this. Please let us know if this continues to be a problem.

Rules Should be Enforced

RIOC said they would look into this. As far as I can tell some improvements have been made, but I've still seen inconsistencies.

Reconsideration of Pool Schedule due to changes in Island Population/Demographics

RIOC said they would consider this, however no word yet as to whether any scheduling changes will be implemented.

Improvements to Sportspark online system including readability, timely information, and online payments.

RIOC said this is currently being worked on, but no time frame was given.

Longer Range Concerns/Questions:

Plans for approximate 1 month closure for pool patching, timing, and related concerns. Barring the unforeseen this will be during a winter month.

Installation of additional space heater in Women’s and Men’s locker room. YES!

Possible Renovation of Locker Rooms. Currently in discussion stage, and will take several years for planning, approval, bidding, and implementation! We look forward to hearing more about these plans as they develop. RIOC board approval would be required, so we would see this in the RIOC Board meeting agenda on the Roosevelt Islander blog and in the WIRE in the future.
Are you a user of the Roosevelt Island Sportspark pool with concerns about how it is operated? Contact Sportspark Users Group here


YetAnotherRIer said...

Listen, look up Raphael Pirker. He operated his model aircraft in 2011 close to a helipad and caused an incident. The FAA tried to fine him but a judge ruled against the FAA. So, somebody who actually knows the law and knows how to interpret the law made a decision that model aircraft is not regulated by the FAA. The FAA did not appeal.

Now, about not notifying the airport. I am very sure this was true but how do you know this didn't happen with such certainty? Did you call them and inquire?

CheshireKitty said...

Roosevelt Islanders tremble - Frank "der Furher" Farance has spoken! The arbiter of legal-moral-philosophical rectitude has researched the topic and finally ruled: We cannot "invade" the sacred airspace above RI - even by flying a kite - without advising the authorities (using the correct form, filed in triplicate, and also uploaded to the cloud)!

If not, those that boldly dare to fly drones, kites, or model airplanes will be ratted out by Frank the Rat.

The grass is not necessarily greener on RI - not when horrid creatures like rats or snakes are slithering about: On RI severe jail time awaits anyone who violates the rules established by Frank "Grand Ayatollah" Farance. Frank, lording it over RI in his poobah-robes, will see to that.

Anybody posting, viewing or commenting favorably on the drone videos, or transgressing even slightly the rules Frank "the Enlightened One" has established for us, the blueprint for living he has generously bestowed upon us - woe to them: They too may be subject to sell-out by our very own resident rat "Pope" Francis.

The RI Rat is often seen gorging himself on multi-course meals at Trellis - just one indication that he does not deny himself the pleasure he would deny others. Yep, those Buffalo wings certainly do go down good, followed by a nice steaming plate of penne pasta, followed by another main course of cheese-encrusted onion-topped chili, followed by a medium salad, followed by a large glass of chocolate milk. On and on, eating non-stop, plate after plate of tasty food disappears into the rat's flaccid face.. Unlike most people who will be satisfied with one thing, Frank, being a rat, will engorge himself on multiple plates of food. His appetite for pleasure knows no limit. Stuffing Frank's face seems to be the end-all and be-all of Frank's existence, unless the rotund rodent's attention is diverted by his next unwary victim - even just someone flying a kite or amusing himself with a toy model airplane.

For all the straight-laced rectitude Frank projects these days both in his visible presence and his "serious businessman" on-line persona and even goes so far as to impose on others, back in the day he was known as Mr. Natural - a tripped-out, guitar-strumming hippie if there ever was one.

Very few people know that Mr. Natural still exists - in the privacy of Frank's own home - or "burrow." Although the self-styled highly religious Rat will quote "Scripture" - government rules and regulations, and unfailingly rat out people for imaginary "transgressions" even those he doesn't know, in his own "burrow" untrammeled, rat-like pleasure reigns. The Rat is actually constantly pleasure-seeking - he just doesn't want anyone else to "bend" the rules as he himself constantly bends them.

Finally, the terror-stricken folks of RI have found the perfect message for the Rat: Frank - go fly a kite!

Frank Farance said...

CheshireKitty, is your point that by not using your real name (Helen Chirivas) that you feel you can say whatever you want and not take responsibility? Why not embrace the idea that when your neighbors and local representatives meet Helen Chirivas, they should know that she writes the posts under the name CheshireKitty, right?

Simply, your post is factually incorrect in many many ways, but that's true of many of your posts -- riddled with racist-laden comments, and so on.

CheshireKitty said...

It's tiresome to continually correct those who claim CK is anyone but CK - why shouldn't people say what they wish? I have no idea why any of us who prefer to comment using an anonymous handle need to embrace any of your ideas.

If my post is incorrect then prove it.

You may have been right about a number of "transgressions" of your neighbors in the past, but on this issue, of the drone video, to rat him out, is like going after a butterfly with a tank.

Everyone enjoyed the video yet the poor sod had to draw a referral to the authorities from you. It's like the police arresting Philippe Petit after he walked the Twin Towers: They arrested him, but they let him go soon after. Certain works of art, or performance art, can't be "persecuted" even if they are not exactly "legal." In general, law enforcement has more sense than to persecute artists. But Frank: "Nope. Because the guy didn't apply for a permit, I'm gonna rat him out." Nice, Frank.

Admit that you pounced on the drone video as an excuse to parade before the blog audience the fact that you have a pilot's licence, and we should all be duly impressed. It's surprising we didn't also get arcane/"impressive" commentary from you on weather conditions (wind speed and so forth) so you could flaunt your deep knowledge of the weather since you are a also meteorologist. Throw in amateur attorney and you have the poor drone guy "cornered" by your vast knowledge - proving he was wrong in shooting the wonderful videos. Actually, Yet came back with some pretty good, well-researched refutations of your points. I would say the argument is now a draw - which doesn't change the sorry fact that you felt the need to report the drone guy to the authorities.

Frank: Can't you ever tolerate even a little bit of "anarchy" "disorder" or whimsy in any corner of your world? Must everything always be reduced to right/wrong, good/evil, zeros/ones? Ever hear of nuance, tolerance, shades of grey, or even, humor? It's the humorlessness of your approach to life that makes you a perfect candidate for the "morality police" - if we had these squads here like they do in Iran. If you're unhappy/bitter about the deal you've received from life, keep your unhappiness to yourself instead of trying to impose it on everyone around you. Reporting the drone guy is emblematic of your approach to life: Because you're down (getting old, numerous worries, loss of various social structures) you feel everyone around you has to be down - in the case of the drone, literally grounding it on your say-so. How much more symbolic of being a "party-pooper" can you get?

Maybe the guy wasn't absolutely correct in launching the drone from a park on RI - but did you have to rat him out for it? Keep doing that - reporting people for minor "transgressions" - and your lack of social structures will just get worse as fewer and fewer people trust you or even want to have anything to do with you (for fear you'll rat them out someday for something they may possibly do or say that's not absolutely, completely "correct" - according to you).

The "racist-laden comments?" I don't think so; I think I hit the nail right on the head in likening you to intolerant autocrats of any ethnicity who think they have all the answers. I am opposed to those guys - no matter what the historic era or ethnicity.

And Popes? Not all of them have been as nice as the current Pope Francis. Some of them, unfortunately, pretty much took the cake on bigotry and intolerance.

So the advice to you stands: Go fly a kite - or better yet, as your latest project, design/build a drone, fly it, and try to beat the drone guy's videos!

YetAnotherRIer said...

Well put, CK. And just a while ago I saw you both walk up Main Street as if you were good friends.

To be fair to Frank, though, he did not mention kites :-)

CheshireKitty said...

Thank you Yet! To be precise, the last time I walked up Main St with Frank was on the evening of June 3rd - quite a while ago. I'm not inimical to Frank but he went way overboard in his reaction to the flight/video. True - he didn't mention kites but flying kites played in perfectly with my advice to him... free himself, gain some self-knowledge/insight and leave us alone, etc.

Frank Farance said...

The real Helen Chirivas (aka CheshireKitty): You focus upon people's eating/weight as a winning argument, i.e., "you're fat" or "you each chicken wings" is your counterpoint - known as an Ad Hominem argument.

In your E-mail to me in December, which you repeated in June, you said:

Chirivas/CK: "But you are a gentleman [Frank] and never veer into gratuitously nasty comments,
or trying to really hurt someone with a nasty snap, which I actually
ROTFL over, unfortunately. I actually came up with a fantastic
come-back to Lyon but never got a chance to put it on the blog and now
never will, at least not as CK: It would have been something like this:
We all know George Foreman invented the lean and mean grilling machine,
The George Foreman Grill, which renders unhealthy red meat healthier
and less fatty. Well, you would be surprised to learn that Mark Lyon
has actually invented his own food preparation system: The Mark Lyon
Turkey Fryer, which renders turkey meat unhealthier and fattier. Here’s
an ad of Lyon tending his turkey fryer by remote control from the
comfort of his La-Z-Boy Recliner! Well, the ad I don’t actually have
the skill or smarts to put together on Photoshop so that I would leave
out, but the idea was the contrast between the George Foreman Grill vs.
the Mark Lyon Turkey Fryer. For some reason, ever since I thought of
this the other day, every time I think of it, it just makes me LOL!"

That's a second-grader argument, and you're thrilled about it.

You told us publicly in the RIRA Public Safety Committee that you post on this blog as CheshireKitty. In the same set of E-mails you (Helen Chirivas) acknowledge you're CheshireKitty:

Chirivas/CK: "Henceforth no matter what they say I will try to reply in a more
businesslike manner since now my anonymity as CK is thoroughly finished
so the comments can be associated with me. The next step is to pick up
a new anonymous identity and maybe a new persona, such as someone from
Asia perhaps who just moved on to RI, or someone who’s lived on RI for
many years but only started going on the blog etc. Actually it doesn’t
matter maybe I’ll just think of something once I start a new anonymous
identity and run with it. Or have a series of new anonymous
identities/personae which might be a better way to keep everyone off
balance. This way, I can resume my previous/usual style, which of
course, can contain ”ripostes” or snaps etc. Maybe I’ll continue CK as
the new “responsible” Kitty/Helen but start another anonymous identity
as the “feral” “unpredictable” feline persona."

Helen Chirivas (CheshireKitty): The problem isn't finding a new identity, but making childish/poor arguments.

Really, when someone frames an argument "you're fat" or "you eat fatty foods", that is supposed to be a convincing rebuttal on a discussion about an important safety issue?

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer, here's the regs on kites near airports. You trivialize this, it's an important safety issue.

8. Q: Can kites be flown near the airport (i.e. in Park Ridge)?

FAA Response:14 CFR Part 101 states that...within 5
miles of the boundary of any airport "...No person may operate an
unshielded moored balloon or kite more than 150 feet above the surface
of the earth unless, at least 24 hours before beginning the operation,
he gives the following information to the FAA ATC facility that is
nearest to the place of intended operation: (a) the names and addresses
of the owners and operators, (b) the size of the balloon or the size
and weight of the kite, (c) the location of the operation, (d) the
height above the surface of the earth at which the balloon or kite is
to be operated, and (e) the date, time and duration of the operation."
There are also additional lighting and marking requirements, if the
balloon or kite would be operated above 150 feet above the surface of
the earth.

Part 101 also states "(a) no person may operate any moored balloon,
kite, unmanned rocket, or unmanned free balloon in a manner that
creates a hazard to other persons or their property, and (b) no person
operating any moored balloon, kite, unmanned rocket, or unmanned free
balloon may allow an object to be dropped there from, if such action
creates a hazard to other persons or their property."

YetAnotherRIer said...

Dude, I wanted to give you a bit of credit and you shot that down just like that. Be that way. I wonder what your motivations are.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Never mind. He had to go into kite flying as well. No more kite flying on Roosevelt Island because Frank will call the FAA on me and my kids if we do?

YetAnotherRIer said...

Posting somebody's e-mail on a public blog is exactly the kind of tactics you love to use, right? Do you ever wonder why nobody like you?

Frank Farance said...

YetAnotherRIer: Wrong again, no email address postted.