Monday, July 14, 2014

Sponsored Post - Bike New York Roosevelt Island Summer Ride Series To Manhattan Summer Streets, East River Esplanade, Astoria Park Picnic & Around Roosevelt Island

Bike New York invites you to a:

Join Bike New York for a series of summer bicycle rides that will take you around Roosevelt Island
and beyond!

Join us for a Saturday adventure! To register, send an emal to Caitlin Goodspeed at or call 212-870-2075 and leave a message with the following: your name, phone number, email and mailing address, & emergency contact information.

You’ll then receive a follow-up email confirming your registration.

August 16: Summer Streets

Nearly 7 miles of NYC streets will be open for people to play, walk, and—most importantly—bike! We’ll ride into Manhattan and check out the various vendors and enjoy the car-free streets!

Departure Time: 9:00AM | Miles: Approx. 8 | Limit: 8 People

September: East River Esplanade

This ride is still in the works, so be on the lookout for more information!

October 4: Picnic in the Park

Astoria Park in Queens is a great destination and an easy bike ride from Roosevelt Island—especially if you’ve mastered the little red bridge! Join us for a relaxing afternoon in the park as we enjoy the last bit of warm weather.
Departure Time: 11:30AM | Miles: 4.5 | Limit: 10 People


These entry-level, family-friendly rides will take cyclists on a scenic 3-mile loop around Roosevelt Island. We will depart from our container at 6:15PM. After the ride, participants are welcome to join the Bike New York staff for dinner on the island! Rides are scheduled for June 26,July 24, Aug. 21, Sept. 11, Sept. 25, and Oct. 16.

DETAILS: Rides are free, guided, and open to the public. Rides will begin and end at our colorful storage container underneath the Helix Ramp. Participants must fill out a waiver prior to de- parture. Bikes and helmets will be provided for Thursday Evening Rides only. Registration is required for Saturday Rides. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Rides will be cancelled in the event of rain. (Call our weather hotline at 212-870-2080, ext. 2.) Grab life by the handlebars. Learn more at


APS said...

There are dozens of places to sit around the island, each time I have passed I have not seen more than 3 or 4 people using the tables and chairs.

APS said...

Nice! Sal is certainly a good business man and RIOC are suckers.

KTG said...

It is almost funny how poorly this was run. River walk says no, I get that but how hard did they look for another vendor before going food truck route? I know John Brown's wanted the pier access 2 years ago but it went to Riverwalk. If not them the Strand easily could replicate service here, BareBurger actual office is by costco another simple choice. Or any of the 4-5 restaurants on Vernon

Trying to approach trucks 1 by 1 would be slow going. Why didn't they reach out to guys who Smorgasburg to try and do something multi-vendor on weekends. Successful vendors may have come back during the week.

Anonymous said...

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