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Monday, August 11, 2014

Citizens Union NY State 76 AD Democratic Party Candidates Debate Tonight - Who Will Represent Roosevelt Island And Upper East Side In NY State Assembly, Gus Christensen, Ed Hartzog, David Menegon Or Rebecca Seawright?

Image Of NY State 76 AD Democratic Primary Candidates From Citizens Union

Citizens Union of the City of NY is sponsoring a debate tonight between the NY State 76 Assembly District Democratic Party Candidates seeking to represent Roosevelt Island and the Upper East Side. According to Citizens Union:
NYS 76th Assembly District Democratic Primary Debate Monday, August 11, 2014 6:30PM

The four Democratic candidates of New York State 76th Assembly District (Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island) will be participating in a Primary debate vying to replace outgoing assembly member Micah Kellner. The Primary Election will be held on September 9th.
Sponsors: Citizens Union, Our Town and Lenox Hill Neighborhood House. Candidates:
  • Gus Christensen
  • Ed Hartzog
  • David Menegon
  • Rebecca Seawright.
WHERE: Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, 331 East 70th Street, between First and Second Avenues.

WHEN: Monday, August 11, 2014 from 6:30-8:30PM
The event is free and open to the public however space is limited. Please RSVP to or call 212-227-0342 x 39.
The Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) hosted a Meet The 76 AD Democratic Party Candidates Town Forum on August 5.

The Candidate Town Hall Meeting began with RIRA Governance Committee Chair Sharon Pope and RIRA VP Sherrie Helstien introducing the format for the evening to a standing room only audience at the Good Shepherd Community Center.

followed by an opening statement from Gus Christensen,

Ed Hartzog,

David Menegon

and Rebecca Seawright.

After the Candidates Opening statements came question from the Roosevelt Island audience regarding affordable housing,

Roosevelt Island Governance,

what distinguished each candidate

and more. Will upload video from the rest of the Roosevelt Island 76 AD Democratic Party Candidates Town Hall later as an update.


CheshireKitty said...

Despite Hudson-Related's promises, the thrift shop is not being offered a new store front on Main St: Although there are many empty store fronts, Kramer would rather keep them empty than let the parish help the poor by operating the not-for-profit thrift shop.

The irony of Hudson-Related's travesty is unmistakable: The poor people and middle-income people on RI are shafted as they lose a place that's reasonable/affordable to shop at. The parish no longer has a way to finance its operations and to help the needy. The store fronts that are empty - continue to be empty. The important thing to Hudson-Related is to deny the parish the ability to help the poor, and to deny poor and moderate-income people a place to shop.

Everyone who is reading this needs to take action to force Hudson-Related to stick to the promise it made to the parish priest at the 7/30/14 RIOC Real Estate Advisory Committee Meeting: In response to a question asked by a concerned resident: Mr. Kramer of Hudson-Related publicly declared that Hudson-Related would make available to the parish an empty store front *and* issue a lease for that store front, with no rent charged, i.e. the thrift shop would continue to operate as before, purely as a philanthropic business financing parish operations and helping the poor.

Please send the following text to all the contacts listed in the following contact page for Hudson-Related

"On July 30, 2014, at the RIOC Real Estate Advisory Committee Meeting, David Kramer of Hudson-Related publicly declared he would make available a new store front space and lease to the parish so that the thrift shop could continue to operate on RI.

To date, Mr. Kramer has only offered the the parish a storage closet, not a store front.

Thus, Mr. Kramer either was lying i.e. reneged on a contract, or needs to offer the parish an empty store-front to move to along with a lease with the same rent - zero rent - that was charged by Hudson-Related at the old space; this is the only rent - zero rent - that is possible or ethical given that the money that is raised at the thrift shop is used to help the poor.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."

The same correspondence should be sent to the elected officials in Albany that are responsible for Roosevelt Island: Governor Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Silver, and Senate Majority Leader Skelos, at the following links:

Gov. Cuomo:
Speaker Silver:
Majority Leader Skelos:

Lastly, keep track of all the letters that you send - to Hudson-Related, to the elected officials, and to any other church/community leaders you may wish to contact. If you do no hear back in a day or two, call to confirm receipt of your correspondence and emphasize the need for quick response because the days are running out until the thrift shop needs to be out of its present space - Mr. Kramer needs to immediately unlock one of the empty store fronts so that the thrift shop can move in. Mr. Kramer said any store front needs thousands of dollars of upgrades is BS. He was only saying that to discourage the priest. The thrift shop was practically in a raw space to begin with and was just fine with it. It doesn't need a fancy space. Mr. Kramer: Do not go back on your promise. Let the thrift shop have a store space - just as you promised!