Tuesday, May 12, 2015

FDNY Rescues 2 People Stuck In Out Of Service Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station Elevator Sunday Afternoon - No Injuries

The Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station elevator broke down again last Sunday afternoon. This time, there were two people stuck inside the elevator.

Image From PBS NOVA

A Roosevelt Island resident was on the scene Sunday and reported:
At about 1:15 pm my husband and I approached the tram station from 1st avenue and already saw an FDNY truck standing on 2nd avenue underneath the tram station. When we went to the elevator to get up, there were two NYPD officers standing, one of them told us we couldn't use the elevator because "somebody is stuck inside". So we carried the stroller up the stairs. When we arrived at the top level, the door of the elevator was open and 3-4 firemen were working on it. One of them was even wearing a gas mask (although I don't understand what that was for). When we left with the cabin, the whole thing had not been resolved.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Chief Jack McManus added yesterday:
The Public Safety Department was advised of the elevator being out of service with no mention of anyone being stuck in the elevator. It appears that Tram officials contacted 911 directly, hence the response by NYPD and FDNY. The Public Safety Department was not included in that loop. After making further inquiries today I was advised that two individuals were stuck in the elevator for approximately 20 minutes. The individuals were safely removed from the elevator by responding FDNY personnel. I'm happy to report that no injuries were reported by either one of the individuals that were stuck in the elevator.
An FDNY Press Spokesperson confirmed yesterday that the FDNY rescued two persons stuck in the Roosevelt Island Manhattan Tram Station elevator for about 30 minutes on Sunday and that they were not injured.