Monday, July 27, 2015

Roosevelt Island Main Street Retail Update - Transformation At M&D Deli, Good Review For Island Wine Store, St Cabrini Catholic Church Signs Lease For New Chapel And Thrift Shop - No News On When Trellis Renovation Done

An update on Roosevelt Island Main Street retail.

Have you noticed improvements at the Roosevelt Island M&D Deli?

Several residents have, reporting:
  • ... It has new owners and it is being cleaned and renovated for the first time in over 30 years. It is not chic as Wholesome Factory but has a good selection of groceries...,
  • ... it is pretty nice.. We use it at least once a week. Very nice new design and layout of products, very clean and a lot nicer to go in and get something. Since we are in Westview, we tend to use it as our convenience store for milk, etc. I am pleasantly surprised when I do go in.. First used this Deli in 7/82...
  • and ... huge difference since the renovation, and I feel like the prices hold up pretty well vs. Gristedes (though I haven't done a real comparison)....
Westviewer is happy with the new wine store:

I am very pleased with Island Wines and Spirits. The store has a wide selection of delicious wines from various regions at reasonable prices, so that it's possible to buy a bottle on the spur of the moment to enhance dinner -- or to order several bottles or a case to have your own wine "cellar" at home. I usually find something to complain about when it comes to Roosevelt Island retail, such as it is, but the new wine store is the best store we've ever had.
I urge other RI-ers support this nice store.
The Roosevelt Island St Francis Cabrini Catholic Church signed a lease for a new home on the second floor of 504 Main Street, including a thrift shop and chapel (1st Floor will be new home of NYPL Roosevelt Island branch)

No word yet on when Trellis

renovation completed and re-opens.