Thursday, April 10, 2008

First Rosemarie & Robin Russell Family Concert A Great Success - Next Stop Carnegie Hall!

Image by Sascha Diamond (click on image to make larger and more clear)

One of the organizers of last Saturday's Rosemarie & Robin Russell Family Concert Series reports on the event:
The concert Saturday night went really well. The music was beautiful and the chapel was filled. We had to bring up chairs from the basement. There were about 200 people there at one time. With people leaving and others coming in late there were 220 there over the whole evening.
It turned out to be a family event, as we had hoped, with people of all ages.

...These family concerts are a unique opportunity for all ages and participants to learn about and appreciate the music. The programs are addressing a full range of people from first time concert goers to veterans, new neighbors and long-time residents. We are considering some adjustments, but the audience as a whole seemed very happy with the evening and the performers were thrilled.
Some audience comments:
  • "This event is comparable to a performance at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center! Thank you for sharing such a wonderful concert with our community."
  • " I am a Computer Scientist and [I] like jazz music. I play piano and couldn't resist going to a free concert on my Island. I really enjoyed the Hungarian piece from Kodaly and the introduction of the movement was really appreciated. I remembered the imitation, the question-response and the improvisation techniques Iris mentioned. Wonderful piece of music and interpretation. I loved it, please continue."
  • "Wonderful music and musicians. It's rare to hear string trios; that was a real treat. I like the balance of Baroque, classical and contemporary pieces. Church acoustics were just right - not too echoey for the selection they played. And it was free! Great turn out; great flyers; great musicians! Thank you!!".
  • "The Chapel of the Good Shepherd is a better place to hear (rather 'experience') chamber music than Carnegie Hall. It is close to ideal. More chamber music, please.".
  • "Who would believe there was something to do on Roosevelt Island besides eating...and going to sleep?".

Image by Mark Diamond

The musicians were:
  • Ralph Allen, violinist and violist
  • Junah Chung, violist
  • Iris Jortner, cellist

Image by Thomas Diamond

Here's some more from Coler-Goldwater Hospital performance:
The Public Outreach Performances On Monday, March 31, were well attended and particants were really appreciative and quite vocal at the end when Iris and Ralph asked them what they liked or didn't like about the music. At Coler there were approximately 26 participants in the audience including about 5 therapists and at Goldwater about 48 participants including about 4 or 5 therapists. We've got plans to go back before the May 17 concert and at Coler we're planning to also hold smaller, shorter sessions in Day Rooms on each floor for patients who can't make it to the Atrium. At Goldwater, we'll be in the auditorium next time, as their Activities Room was overflowing into the hallway.

Image by Mark Diamond

I look forward to the next concert. Great Job!

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