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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

NYPD Arrests Suspect in Motorgate Break-Ins

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The recent string of broken windows, theft and vandalism at the Motorgate Parking Garage may have finally been brought to an end yesterday when the New York Police Department apprehended a suspect on Vernon B'lvd in Long Island City. According to the Roosevelt Island 24 hour Public Safety Report for 4/8 -4/9/08:
Investigation- Regarding theft break ins at Motorgate Garage (688 Main Street) NYPD arrested a subject on Vernon Blvd for auto break in on 4/7/08. He is taking responsibility for 20-25 Auto break ins in the Motorgate Garage. PSD is assisting in the investigation.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just to clarify. He is taking responsibility for over 25 break ins throughout the 108 and 114 pcts, including at least 5-6 on roosevelt island, definitely the recent on-the-street break ins, and some in motorgate.

yo-yo said...

whats up with d j mike and his resuse one unit. his office in 540 is gone

yo-yo said...

all these new people moving to the island are bad for all us middle class people and low income people they are trying to get out off the island. i hope these people paying these high rents all lose thire jobs , this islans was made for mixed income, but no more in 10 years this will be like mahann. the low a middle class will no longer be able to live here anymore . i hate all these new people with money who have taken our island away from us,

yo-yo said...

public safety is useless. they only fuck with the little kids never with the real gangters.

Anonymous said...

Gee, yo-yo, what a terrible thing if this island's income profile was raised - you prefer a low-income craphole like bed-stuy, or south Queens, or Far Rockaway? What's so good about that? What do you really mean by 'mixed income'? Who do you really want in the 'mix'? What is your grand plan for a community? And who should pay for it?

dblock said...

To have a grand plan, I assume YoYo would first have to learn to communicate in English. A grand assumption at that.

Anonymous said...


How about you call PSD when you see one of these "real gangsters" and we'll see if they get the job done.

See something? Say something. Right? Get a grip, dude.