Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stallone's Nighthawks Shot on Roosevelt Island But Not The Prisoner's Village

Nighthawks Tram Hostage image with Stallone and Hauer from Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur

Following up on last post about Life on Mars shooting scenes at Roosevelt Island's Goldwater Hospital and using Southpoint Park as their parking lot, here's some more Roosevelt Island movie and tv info.

Blogger Mr. Peel's Sardine Liqueur remembers the Roosevelt Island Tram hostage scene from the Nighthawks movie starring a young Sylvester Stallone and Rutger Hauer.
There’s a terrific chase through the subway and, what most people probably remember about the film, a long, very well-done hostage sequence filmed on the Roosevelt Island Tram, a location also used in SPIDER-MAN but since this is all actually filmed there (no blue screen work) it plays extremely perilous and suspenseful.
Although Portmeirion Wales was the location where it was shot, Roosevelt Island reminds some visitors of The Village from my favorite all time television program, The Prisoner starring Patrick McGoohan. From Gawker's article on post-recession New York City neighborhoods one reader wrote:
I never could put my finger on what I found odd about Roosevelt Island's look until I realized it's an urban version of The Village from The Prisoner.
Also, blogger Catholic Churches of Manhattan asks:
Does Roosevelt Island remind anyone out there of the island on The Prisoner?

You Tube Video of opening sequence from The Prisoner

Good news for Prisoner fans. Variety reports:
AMC and ITV will remake Patrick McGoohan's cult TV show "The Prisoner" as a six-part mini with Ian McKellen as Number Two and Jim Caviezel as Number Six.
"There will be nods and winks and references back to the original, but I don't think that they'll feel in any way that their original has been tarnished," said Wayne. "Even though this would fall under sci-fi traditionally, this is a drama at its core."

While the original show worked as a metaphor for the paranoia of the Cold War, AMC says the remake will reflect 21st-century stressors such as constant surveillance and the conflict between liberty and security.

Roosevelt Island 360 has some thoughts on Nighthawks as well.


Anonymous said...

If Roosevelt Island is The Village, then Steve Shane is Number Two, and Deborah Van Amerogen (spelling?) is Number One. Didn't Number One turn out to be a computer?


Identity of #1 is ambiguous at best.

In the show's opening introduction, #6 asks Who is #!.

#2 responds - You Are .... #6.

What does that mean? Is #6 really #1?

The Prisoner was a very strange show.

Anonymous said...
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