Saturday, November 12, 2011

Black Helicopters Flying Over Roosevelt Island, Why? Dark Knight Rising Filming On Queensboro Bridge Upper Level Today and Sunday Afternoon - Traffic Delays and Headaches

What's was going on with the low flying Black helicopters over Roosevelt Island and the Queensboro Bridge today? According to this Tweet from TraitourousDroog:

I was laying in the grass in a baseball field on Roosevelt Island, and a black helicopter flew over the bridge three or four times.
NYC's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) tweeted at NotifyNYC:
11/12 & 11/13 1AM-8PM movie filming on upper level of 59 St Brdg diverts traffic to lower level. Low-flying helicopter Sat. 4-5PM.
Comic Book Movie reports that the movie being shot this weekend on the Queensboro Bridge is the new Batman movie.
The Dark Knight Rises Will Be Filming on the Upper Level of the 59th Street Bridge
This Saturday and Sunday the upper level of the bridge will be closed while Christopher Nolan films the next Batman movie.

The Queensboro Bridge Upper Level is the best route to use by car/taxi on way back to Roosevelt Island from Manhattan. Today, due to the Dark Knight filming, traffic on and surrounding the Queensboro Bridge was a mess.  Roosevelt Island resident Trevre Andrews shares this picture showing a backed up Queensboro Bridge lower level and an empty upper level except for the movie shoot.

Image from Trevre Andrews

It took one reader almost 90 minutes by car to get back to Roosevelt Island from the East Side this afternoon. The resident sent this email at 5:15 PM:
I've been in car since 3:50. Apparently, between upper level being closed, lane in tunnel closed and street fairs, traffic is horrendous.
Dark Knight filming on the Queensboro Bridge continues tomorrow. Follow tweets on topic here.

Earlier this week, very bright white lights from the Queens based filming of Dark Knight were shining into Roosevelt Island apartments.

UPDATE 10:25 PM - Greg Orsi saw Dark Knight filming on the Queensboro Bridge today. Mr. Orsi shares these photos reporting:
A correctional bus that said "Gotham's Boldest" on the side (it started to drive away as I took the photo). Boldest criminals? There could be a whole heap of trouble on that bus for Batman! 

Image From Greg Orsi

Very hard to see from the photo, but by the time I was making my way back to Queens over the bridge from Roosevelt Island, it looked like the scene was in full swing. Multiple vehicles parked on the bridge with groups of people. The helicopter had a front mounted (IMAX?) camera and made multiple passes over the bridge.

Image From Greg Orsi