Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roosevelt Island October Public Safety Incident Blotter - Marijuana Possession, Open Container, Unleashed Dog, Reckless Driving, Assault, Rock Throwing & More - Issues Remain With RIOC On Disclosing Public Safety Incident Information

I sent the following message yesterday to  Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Keith Guerra and Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Press Spokesperson.

The 11/26 -27 Public Safety Report notes

Criminal Possession of Marijuana - Two subjects arrested by PSD.

Can you provide additional details as to the place, time, were the subject Roosevelt Island residents and any other relevant information on this arrest. How much marijuana was involved?
RIOC's Press Spokesperson replied:
Criminal Possession of Marijuana:
11/27/11 at 11:30pm, outside of 425 Main St. No Injuries.
RIOC declined to report whether the subjects arrested were Roosevelt Island residents or the amount of marijuana involved. Also, RIOC did not disclose where the incident took place at 425 Main Street. Was it in front of the building entrance, across the street in Firefighters Field, in the Commons area or outside the Riverwalk Bar?

The 11/10 -11 Public Safety incident report indicated a Grand larceny occurred:

Grand Larceny - Referred to PSD Detectives.

I asked RIOC:
 Can you provide additional details regarding where it occurred, what time of day, item stolen, anyone injured and any other relevant information
RIOC spokesperson replied:
The larceny occurred at 625 Main St. after 7pm.  No injuries.  An arrest was made by PSD.
RIOC declined to report what item was subject of the larceny or whether the subject arrested was a Roosevelt Island resident.

As can be seen from the above examples there are still issues remaining regarding RIOC's willingness to make public relevant information regarding Public Safety incidents, though it has become much better. There is no reason why RIOC cannot report an incident occurred with greater specificity including what item was stolen in a grand larceny and whether subjects arrested were Roosevelt Island residents.

The Roosevelt Island Daily Public Safety Incident Reports are archived on the blog's sidebar.

Below is the RIOC Public Safety Monthly Incident Blotter for October 2011. The Monthly Blotter Reports are much more detailed than the Daily Public Safety Reports but they report on incidents 6- 8 weeks old. Included in the October Blotter are these incidents:
  • C-SUMMONS Dog observed at location without being on a leash. Dog owner advised but would not comply. Summons issued. (10/24, opposite 475 Main Street),
  •  A nail was found sticking out of one of the swings to the child playground area at location. Tape was placed on it until the condition could be corrected. Building management notified. (10/16, adjacent to 8 River Road),
  • Victim stated an unknown male approached her stating she was in health code violation and would correct the condition if she paid him $937. Victim refused NYPD. (10/20, 570 Main Street),
  • ARREST Male and female subjects observed with open container. Subjects were issued summonses and released. (10/1, 560 Main Street),
  • ARREST Two male subjects observed smoking illegal substance. Both subjects placed into custody, issued summonses and released. (10/8, 595 Main Street),
  • ARREST Male subject observed in possession of marijuana. Subject taken into custody and also found to be in possession of 30 pills of unprescribed Xanax. Subject transported to Manhattan Central Booking for arrest processing. (10/13, 200 Main Street),
  • ARREST Male subject observed in possession of marijuana. Subject taken into custody and transported to the 114 Precinct for arrest processing. (10/16, 200 Main Street),
  • ARREST Nine male subjects (one youth) at location unlawfully. All subjects were taken into custody. Male youth released to his parents. Other eight subjects issued summonses and released.(10/31, 900 Main Street),
  • NYPD ARREST NYPD Officer requested assistance apprehending two subjects involved in possession of stolen property. Both subjects were taken to 114 Precinct by NYPD Officer for arrest processing. (10/14, 425 Main Street),
  • ARREST Female subject taken into custody after being seen throwing rocks at windows of location causing over $1,500 in damages. Building management on scene. Subject sustained injuries to her head causing bleeding from broken windows. EMS on scene. Subject transported to Manhattan Central Booking for arrest processing. (10/22, 540 Main Street),
  • Female victim was assaulted by a female subject at location causing injury to her face. EMS on scene and transported victim to Mt. Sinai hospital. NYPD notified and on scene for report. (10/24, 400 Main Street),
  • ARREST Male subject driving recklessly down Main Street. Subject was pulled over, but refused to stop. Subject drove away striking Officer causing injury. License information processed to reveal address of subject. Subject was apprehended and taken into custody. Upon search subject was in possession of marijuana. Subject transported to 114 Precinct for arrest processing. (10/28, 540 Main Street)
RIOC Public Safety October Blotter

Click here for the Roosevelt Island Public Safety statistics for 2011 thru October.


theohiostate said...

Rick, your Blog is nicer than most.  While I do enjoy reading through it, it is just that - a Blog.  It's not a Newspaper or a News Media Outlet.  You are a Blogger, not a News Reporter.  Why do you expect Big Bad RIOC to give you everything you want?  Do you possess Certified Media Credentials?  What big difference does it make what item was stolen?  Knowing the culprits were arrested for the crime they committed is enough for me.  And, who really cares if the person lives in this part of Manhattan or elsewhere in the City?  Your Blog is cool, but let's keep it real - it's just an Internet Blog.

Frank Farance said...

Having looked into various crime waves over the past two decades, knowing whether or not the person was a resident was a valuable insight into preventing or deterring future crimes.

Yes, this isn't a newspaper and I'm happy about that.  The WIRE seems to use its limited space as an excuse to rationalize what it chooses to publish or not: "It's a 12-page issue, I don't have room in this week's paper"; two weeks later: "Yes I have room this issue, but your item is two weeks old and is no longer newsworthy".

I'm happy to see the return of the Public Safety Blotter.  Mr. O'Conor, thanks for your efforts!

theohiostate said...

FF, I agree with you about the WIRE and about the PSD Blotter being posted here on the Blog.  I just don't see why Rick has to sound like he is whining because he doesn't get every little detail.  It appears like he gets more than a Blogger should.  We're all happy about that.  He should be too.  That's all I'm sayin'.

RooseveltIslander said...

When RI Public Safety and RIOC staff wish to promote anything, my blog is a news media outlet. When you/they don't want to disclose information it's just an Internet Blog without "certified media credentials" - whatever that is. I find that very hypocritical and just plain ignorant of the new media world we all live in.

Please tell me the difference between Roosevelt Islander Blog as a media outlet and one with "certified media credentials".

FYI - Our local elected officials, NYC Mayor's Office, RIOC Directors, Senior RIOC Staff, RI Real Estate developers, store owners, RIRA and many residents consider this blog to be a news media outlet.

I am sorry that you don't consider it to be a news media outlet but I appreciate your contributions and am glad you think the Blog is "cool".

Frank Farance said...

OK, sorry if I misunderstood your comment.

Trevre Andrews said...

Media Credentials?  You mean the plastic card you get when you apply for a press pass by filling out a form.  I wouldn't read anything as news if the person writing it didn't have that card.  The quality of the content on the blog is much more a testament to its newsworthiness then the material on which it is printed.  The quality and openness of this blog is available free to everyone, forever, and is readily searchable and open to comment which makes it a notch above the rest. I doubt you would get such a defensible vote of confidence for the WIRE (although still useful), or remainder or the worlds "accredited" news agency commercial puppets (fox, cnn, nbc, ect).  

theohiostate said...

The WIRE is not a newspaper.  It's just a 12 page periodical with one-sided views... The views of RIRA (and the Maple Tree Group). 

This Blog is much better than that.  Don't get me wrong, I like it.  I just don't think Rick should whine when he doesn't get something he wants.

roozevelt said...

I'm a little confused.  You're saying that there are still issues with you and rioc because they won't provide relevant information, but then you list a whole month's worth of detailed information.  Which one is it?  Do they give you info or not?

KidKilowatt said...

If that's what you mean, then say that.  Don't refer to "certified media credentials," which just makes you look ridiculous, particularly when you capitalize each word.  

CheshireKitty said...

Years ago the Wire featured the Public Safety Blotter as well.  Since then the Wire says the info is available on their website.  But what about those readers that are not online?  The Wire should restore the Public Safety Blotter feature - it was one of the most interesting and informative features in the paper.  

unbelievable said...

And not one person said "good job psd on a job well done!". Stop whining and support our local heroes.

theohiostate said...

Having media credentials means you work for a legitimate newspaper or news station.  Bloggers and Editors of tiny local papers like The WIRE do not have them.

KidKilowatt said...

Fascinating.  Who "certifies" these credentials of which you speak?  

roozevelt said...

The Mayor's Office.