Tuesday, December 13, 2011

NYPD Police Activity This Morning On Roosevelt Island - Reports of As Many As 25 Police Cars Involved

I have received reports this morning of ongoing police activity in the area of Roosevelt Island's Motorgate Turnaround/ 2-4 River Road and PS/IS 217. One report has as many as 25 police cars on scene.

Received this advisory from RIOC at 10:15 AM
Due to a police investigation, traffic has been disrupted/delayed and will be resume to normal as soon as possible.


Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
Have not received a reply yet as to what is happening.  Will report back when I can confirm what is going on.

UPDATE 1:20 PM -  Just received this update from RIOC:
At 8:55 AM, the Public Safety Department was notified by the Child Legacy High School that one of their students had made a statement regarding possessing a gun. The 18 year-old student fled the school. A search ensued between PSD and the NYPD. Subsequent to the search, Officers were dispatched to the Tram, the Subway and the ramp to the bridge. Unfortunately, this activity caused traffic congestion. The student was apprehended safely and transported to the 114th Precinct. He was not found in possession of a gun, and was cooperative during the apprehension. Further questions should be directed to the 114th Precinct.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp Advisories Group
UPDATE 2:30 PM - A resident reports:
It looked like Obama's visit: police cars, fire trucks, ambulance and a helicopter. I hope children will think twice next time before doing something stupid.
Update 1/17/12 - More here including denial by Child School that a gun was involved thought some reports claim otherwise.


Rebecca Knell said...

You'll need to confirm this, but a neighbor told me that a child from The Child's School had a confrontation with a teacher and ran away threatening to kill everyone. Cops cars stopped traffic on the bridge / tram & train and had helicopters looking for the boy.

theohiostate said...

A neighbor told me that there was never a threat made to anyone at the school.  Apparently, the boy was being bullied in his home neighborhood and said he wanted to kill the bully.

roozevelt said...

Either way, the Cops had to do what they had to do to find this kid.

concerned said...

Wasnt there a gang bangin kid arrested by public safety in february of this year for possession of a gun? Scary that they do this job with no protection unarmed.