Thursday, January 10, 2013

Main Street Retail And Island Services Committee Reports To The January 2013 Roosevelt Island Residents Association Common Council - Stores, Red Bus, Library, Playgrounds, Motorgate, Strollers, Parks, Q102 Among Items To Be Addressed

Below is the Island Services Committee and Main Street Retail Advisory Committee reports to the January 2013 Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council.


Both committees met in a joint session on 1/7/13. 18 members attended, 8 were absent.

  • Susan Marcus and Elisabeth Stapen were nominated as Co-Chairs of the committee. The Common Council needs to approve them as Co-Chairs at tonightʼs meeting. 
  • The immediate action for the MSRAC is to schedule a meeting with the Hudson-Related Retail Stores Project Manager, Arianna Sacks, to get an update on the project and to discuss community reaction to the first two new stores that have opened – Subways and Main St. Sweets.

The ISC discussed key issues we will work on over the next six months:
  • Proposed Changes in Red Bus Stops and Operations Frank Farance (Chair-Planning Committee) and Aaron Hamburger (Chair – ISC) will work directly with RIOCʼs Cy Opperman to resolve these issues. 
  • New Public Library Marilyn Atkins will follow developments on this issue. 
  • Parks & Playgrounds Eva Bosbach will be our lead person on Parks and Playground issues. Some current concerns are improvement in Southpoint Park, Rules for use of FDR Memorial Park, and future relocation of the Blackwell Park tot playground. 
  • Motorgate Mickey Rindler will be our “point person” on Motorgate. Motorgate is currently being renovated with new lighting and waterproofing the structure. 
  • Full-Services Pharmacy Raye Schwartz will be our lead person on this continuing issue. 
  • O-102 Bus Romano Reid was successful in negotiating with the MTA to get another bus stop, mainly to aid residents of Roosevelt Landings. The extra stop will be in front of 504 Main St. Reid has established a good contact with MTA which we can use for future bus and subway issues. 
 Other Issues and Concerns
  • Easy and quick access to the Tram for strollers.
  • Use of rat poison on Roosevelt Island. 
  • Baby & Toddler swim classes at Sportspark.
ISC has a new problem in dealing with RIOC. Previously, our principal contact was Fernando Martinez, VP Operations. With Martinezʼs departure and no replacement as yet, we must develop new contacts at RIOC who have the authority to deal with and resolve issues and concerns from residents.

Aaron Hamburger, Chair - ISC
Let your RIRA representatives know what you think about theses issues.


YetAnotherRIer said...

The current stroller policy is a disaster. It has been happening way too often that somebody brings an open stroller during rush hour into a crowded bus and the driver didn't say a word. I don't know who thinks those things up. The policy about no open strollers at certain times unless the driver says different was a lot more appropriate.

Joe Carbo said...

thank god we have romano reid.god bless him.

YetAnotherRIer said...

Sorry for following up on my own posting but it just happened again this morning. Somebody coming from the Octagon to drop off his children at 217. During rush hour trying to push his way through the passengers to get out of the bus.

Elle said...

Please, please bear with the strollers during rush hour for a bit longer, at least coming from the Octagon. As you may not know, our Bright Horizons was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and has not yet reopened. Most children have been temporarily relocated to Rock. Center - not a side street - but on the square. If you think it is annoying having those kiddos on the bus, imagine being the parents having to deal with schlepping a young child to Rockafeller Center every day (which included the Christmas period - ahh!). We did not sign up for that. I am not complaining or asking for your pity - we all know that this is nothing compared to what many other families in our fair city and beyond have had to endure - just your patience. We are told the Center will reopen, hopefully, by the end of the month. Fingers crossed!

YetAnotherRIer said...

I am not against kids on the bus. I have a problem with open strollers on crowded buses. It is inconsiderate.

Listen, I have children at home. I raised them here on the island and while we are not at the Octagon, we are in Manhattan Park. Not once did I put an open stroller on a crowded bus, even when I was allowed to do so. My convenience is not more important than others. I've got legs, the stroller's got wheels and a raincover (if needed), and we are all dressed weather appropriately. And if we were running late, well, that's the way it was - we were running late.

Open strollers on a crowded bus is rude and makes you come across as being more important than others.

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