Saturday, April 12, 2014

Opening Day At Roosevelt Island Youth Program Little League Baseball Season - Interview With RIYP Baseball Commissioner Reports Exciting Games And A Triple Play Too

Today was the opening Day of the Roosevelt Island Youth Program (RIYP) Little League Baseball Season. I spoke with RIYP Baseball Commissioner Andrey Ganeev about the upcoming season and today's games.

Here's Commissioner Ganeev.

Check out the exciting Roosevelt Island Little League baseball action Saturday's at Capobianco Field.

UPDATE 4/13 - Frank Farance shares these photos of Roosevelt Island Public Safety Director Jack McManus

Image From Frank Farance

and Public Safety Officer Laszczych

Image From Frank Farance

coaching their RIYP Little League Baseball team yesterday.

Great job by RIYP and the Public Safety Department working together to help Roosevelt Island kids.


CheshireKitty said...

As I've said elsewhere, you can do all that and more: Only a minimum of 3 RI residents is needed to present a Bill of Particulars against a CC Member, Rossie. So all you need to do is get 2 people to agree with you and you're all set! Write up any sort of document that would be a BOP, and either bring, or if it isn't convenient, forward it to the CC for inclusion on the Agenda next month! It's that simple: If you think Helen is a weirdo (and as I've said elsewhere, possible weirdness of CC members seems to be a trait many of them share) and want her off the CC for that reason; go ahead, try it! I don't think weirdness alone is going to be enough though (as I've said there are plenty of weird ones on the CC as it is).

As far as beginning a discussion to stop WIRE delivery being grounds for removal - some will say that might represent retaliation for Helen's free speech rights. Helen can call for WIRE delivery to be stopped. Helen can call for global nuclear disarmament too - or universal peace and plenty, or immediate world brotherhood, or the end of income inequality. Helen can call for the shutdown of Fox News. Anybody can pretty much call for anything. There are no sacred cows. I don't think Helen ever called for the WIRE to be shut down though - certainly the resolution didn't say so.

Just as the WIRE can describe Helen & her friends as the Destructive Trio (or whatever the colorful term was) - the WIRE has the right to do so - so can Helen call for the cessation of WIRE island-wide door-to-door delivery. Who cares? Do you really think anyone would have voted for the resolution? It was symbolic, or even, satiric. Those that took the resolutions seriously are, in a way, the "weirdos".

OldRossie said...

That's impressive. You've managed to discredit any future contribution you may have to RIRA, insult other RIRA members, and ridicule anyone that takes RIRA seriously, all in one comment!

CheshireKitty said...

Thank you! You can call me the terribly efficient Kitty - unlike the Cat with Nine Lives, more like the Stitch in time that Saves Nine! (Uh.. does that make any sense at all?)

The Cheshire Cat was not only a wry, perhaps cryptic, observer of life in wonderland, he could be considered entertaining (although not exactly to the extent of keeping Alice in stitches).

PeaceandPlenty said...

I know people who love the Wire to people who couldn't care less to people who vehemently dislike lots of it...and when I mentioned having read about this (because I truly was astonished that there was an actual letter written to management companies), I didn't find a person who wasn't as astonished as I. Whether people know or care about the scope of the disagreement seems irrelevant; no one considered interference with the established distribution of a newspaper appropriate, no matter what was said. All the long internet posts and explanations in the world are unlikely to correct the negative perception created; probably time, cessation of action and thoughtful silence will serve best.

PeaceandPlenty said...

Right of course, I misspoke. I knew the letter had not been sent but in my late night fog after a brutally long day, I somehow switched my thinking from a letter to the companies should never have been written to a letter should never have been sent. Sorry, I realized it was not sent and should have waited to respond until I was less tired.
As for the rest, well said, which points to my original post: an April Fool's joke. I must be running with the wrong crowd, that none of us got or appreciated the humor.