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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Roosevelt Island Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary Of NYC Compost Food Scrap Drop Off Site Hosted By Big Reuse At Farmers Market - Over 13 Tons Diverted From Landfill

IDig2 Learn tweets:

Roosevelt Island Garden Club's Julia Ferguson reports:
Over 13 tons diverted from landfill!

The NYC Compost Food Scrap Drop Off Site on Roosevelt Island arrived one year ago this weekend.

Because of NYC Compost hosted by Big Reuse and the support from RIOC, 217 PTA, RIGC, Girl Scouts, RIRA, iDig2 Learn and many, many residents (and bloggers!), we can re-use food scraps as a simple natural resource and divert tons of waste from landfills where it could create methane gas and definitely burn fossil fuels in the transport process. In addition, we have already benefited from 7-8 give back programs with Big Reuse where the compost returns to Roosevelt Island. Rebuilding the Soil Neighborhood by Neighborhood!

As previously reported:

You can drop your food scraps

every Saturday morning to mid afternoon

at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market.
The Roosevelt Island Garden Club has more on composting including an 18 day composting experiment.
... We are trying to see if we can get the time to compost down to 18 days. It will take a few tries to get it right for sure. This is the first attempt, started this past Sunday 11/13. In theory and if done correctly, this batch will be completely done by 12/1. We will let you know how it goes!...
Stay tuned to see if they succeed.