Thursday, December 3, 2015

Roosevelt Island Big Reuse Food Scrap Recycling Compost Drop Off Station Debuts Last Week - Bring Your Food Scraps Every Saturday To Roosevelt Island Farmers Market

Image From Frank Farance

The Roosevelt Island Organic Recycling Compost Program hosted by Big Reuse

Image From Frank Farance

debuted last Saturday at the Farmers Market next to the Motorgate Plaza.
As previously reported:
... Instead of sending organics to landfills via AVAC, Island residents will be able to drop off kitchen scraps at an organics collection station at the Saturday Farmer's Market. The scraps will go to a local composting site under the Queensborough Bridge on Vernon Blvd. The compost created will also be used locally for street trees, parks, and urban gardens.

Island leadership, avid RI composters, the PTA of PS 217, the RI Girl Scout troops and the RI Garden Club are all excited to help welcome this program to Roosevelt Island. If you would like to help out as a volunteer, please contact Big Reuse or email
Image From Frank Farance

Roosevelt Island Girl Scout Troop Leader Aiesha Eleusizov dropped off her food scraps at last week's Farmers Market. She shows us how easy it is to drop off your food scraps to be recycled and adds:
... I'm super excited to have a drop off compost on Roosevelt Island....
instead of taking the subway to 23rd street in order to compost her food scraps.

So, help our environment and bring your food scraps every Saturday to the Big Reuse Roosevelt Island Farmers Market Food Compost Drop Off

at Motorgate Plaza.

Great job by the Roosevelt Island Garden Club members in bringing the Big Reuse Food Scrap Composting Program to Roosevelt Island.