Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Up Close And Personal View Of Rats Scurrying Around Roosevelt Island PS/IS 217 Courtyard Beneath School Window

The 4 River Road Tenant Tipster shares video taken this morning of rats scurrying around Roosevelt Island's PS/IS 217 courtyard right beneath a school window.

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As previously reported Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Presdient Susan Rosenthal discussed the issue during May 25 RIOC Board Meeting. Here's what she had to say.

Complete coverage of the PS/IS 217 courtyard garbage and rat issue here.

UPDATE 5:05 PM - Frank Farance shares PS/IS 217 Courtyard garbage and rat video taken this afternoon

Click on full screen icon for a better view.

Mr. Farance reports on a conversation he had today with a NYC Department of Health representative. According to Mr. Farance:

I followed up with my Dept Health and DSNY contacts (as I promised parents I would), but DoHMH does not have jurisdiction over a sister agency, such as DoE. DoHMH can only make recommendations, and the hope that DoE will comply. Here is what the DoHMH rep said:

"I can understand how frustrating this situation is, but I also want to make clear that it is the responsibility of the DOE and the school to fix this problem. We are happy to offer constructive advice on how best to mitigate this problem, but we do not have jurisdiction over another agency's property. Again, we are readily available to provide information on proven methods of rodent abatement, but it is entirely up to the school to follow through with our recommendations and for them to take responsibility of their site. Please make this clear to your constituents so they know we are willing to assist a sister agency but the DOE needs to do the work for this problem to be solved."

I will follow up with Ben Kallos's office, and other City agencies who can further investigate and compel DOE to clean up the problem.