Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Roosevelt Island Up Escalator Out Of Service This Evening - Are the Paramedics Standing By?

Roosevelt Island subway mezzanine escalator from Subway Nut

Readers are reporting that the Roosevelt Island subway escalator going up from the lower to mezzanine level was not working this evening, at least from 7PM - 8PM, although it was working at 5:30 when I came home. Given the extraordinary heat wave of late and the tram shutdown, it is an absolute disgrace that the MTA cannot maintain the Roosevelt Island up escalators in working order. I worry that someone is going to have a heart attack walking up those 157 stairs from subway platform to street in this heat.

Here is the MTA elevator and escalator status page that is reporting both the lower mezzanine and upper mezzanine up elevators are out of service.

UPDATE: 6/11- As pointed out by RIOC President Steve Shane, the elevators out of service listed on the MTA status page are referencing those being revamped for capital repairs, not the elevators temporarily out of service. However, the point of the post was that the lower to mid level up escalator that is normally going up was out of service for the time period described and is a health danger to many Roosevelt Island residents, particularly when notices are not clearly posted on the platform that one or more of the up elevators are out of service.


Anonymous said...

The inoperative escalator at the subway station is a disgrace. I was one of those "elderly" who was forced to walk the route in 97 plus heat. (With a group of young men close behind who objected to my labored ascent.
If I have a heart attack, stroke or other heat related event occur in my pursuit of the pavement, who will assume the burden of my medical and emotional expenses?

Anonymous said...

Why does the subway system discriminate against those living on Roosevelt Island. We pay the same fare, why not give us the same service. FIX THE ESCALATOR

Anonymous said...

just use gates, go through and escalator starts, go through gate at top it stops simple mechanism,only needs a counter to make sure top and bottom counts match