Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Second Day of Roosevelt Island Tramless Commute Not As Smooth As Yesterday

You Tube video of Japanese Subway Pushers

Dick Lutz of the Main Street WIRE reports that there were some problems with this morning's Tramless subway commute. Maybe the Japanese subway "Pushers" will become necessary.

Subway Jam Near 8:30 This Morning

Roosevelt Island's second tramless day produced the kind of jam that had been expected yesterday but didn't materialize then, possibly because it was a Monday, or possibly because the day was a Jewish holiday.

At 8:39 this morning, over 90 people were left on the Manhattan-bound platform west of the escalators; presumably almost that many were left, as well, on the east end of the platform. The problem arose when a 14-minute gap between trains had over 128 passengers waiting (with more on the east end of the platform) and an F train pulled in with virtually no boarding space available.

Four minutes later, another jammed train pulled in and, when it left, about 70 passengers remained waiting, again only counting the west half of the platform. The platform emptied two minutes later when another train pulled in with ample available space.

Apart from that problem, which spanned 8:25 to 8:43, it appeared no passengers were left on the platform as trains pulled out.


Anonymous said...

Certainly I want additional transportation, but if you are a daily commuter, this is not an irregular occurance, at least 1 or 2x week this happens to me even when the tram is working.