Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Paragliding On Roosevelt Island Yesterday - Not Enough Wind For Take Off - Perhaps Waiting For The Tram To Return Is A Better Idea

It looks like some Roosevelt Island residents may be missing the Tram Ride soaring over the East River and getting a little sick of the subway so they are taking matters into their own hands by trying to paraglide off of Roosevelt Island.

If you were walking around the Riverwalk Commons area in Southtown yesterday you may have seen this daredevil trying to capture a little bit of wind so that he could take off from Roosevelt Island and fly over the East River to who knows where.

After many attempts at getting the canopy up in the air and then running down the short hill, our intrepid Paraglider got a few feet off the ground but never made it off of Roosevelt Island.

Maybe next time when there is more wind he will succeed! Maybe not.

Here's how paragliding take-off is supposed to work.

Yeah, I'm sure that will work on Roosevelt Island - aren't you?