Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcome Leslie Torres, The New Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) President/CEO

Image of New RIOC President Leslie Torres After Being Appointed By RIOC Board of Directors

Leslie Torres was appointed the new RIOC President during the August 4 2010 Special Meeting of RIOC's Board of Directors.

Image Of August RIOC Board of Directors Meeting

Congratulations to Ms. Torres on her new position.

Will have more on this in the coming days.

UPDATE 5:50 PM - Coming days have arrived. Here's more on the RIOC Board Meeting which approved Ms. Torres despite no other candidate being considered by the RIOC Directors.


Anonymous said...

Now that came as a surprise... NOT.

Anonymous said...

Now The VP of Operations can really get his people in at RIOC!

Anonymous said...

She'll probably do a great job, and most here will not appreciate it. As a 22 year resident, my husband and I wish her well. But, wait till she gets a load of this place!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad they hired a woman. She seems smart and experienced. Too many men held that position. Let's see what a woman can do with it.