Friday, November 22, 2019

Grow NYC Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap Reuse Event A Great Success - Diverted Over 6 Thousand Pounds From Landfill, 2nd Most Donations Received Anywhere Ever Says Grow NYC, Re-Purposing Is Good!

The second annual Grow NYC Roosevelt Island Swap N Stop

held Saturday November 9 at the Manhattan Park Theater Club was a great success. Residents gave away items they no longer wanted to be reused by others who did want them. Items remaining were either donated or recycled.

The theme of the day as expressed by these Roosevelt Island Girl Scouts who welcomed Swappers to the Stop N Swap was:
Re-Purposing Is Good

I spoke to Grow NYC Project Coordinator Ida Yu and Roosevelt Island resident/iDig2Learn founder Christina Delfico at the Stop N Swap.

Ms Delfico reported yesterday:
Breaking news: GrowNYC project coordinator, Ida Yu conveys that the 2019 Roosevelt Island GrowNYC Stop N' Swap had the 2nd most donations GrowNYC swaps have received anywhere, ever! 1,509 more pounds of good quality items were dropped off this year than last year totaling 6,317 pounds. And the free take back rate of those items directly to the community jumped up 13% to total 80%. Thanks to RIOC, Manhattan Park, Gristedes, the Girl Scouts, RI Garden Club and GRIN our GrowNYC partner's Stop N' Swap was a huge success.

These Zero Waste events are kind to our wallets, our neighbors and the earth by reducing unnecessary waste to the landfill. Plus Gristedes food donation filled bag after reusable bag of free food to support islanders. And we added the a plant exchange thanks to the RI Garden Club. iDig2Learn gave away stylish kitchen compost bins to encourage another earth-friendly practice - dropping food scraps weekly so they can be composted by partner Big Reuse.

One island neighbor said she saw the most island neighbors ever at any island event at the Swap.

Thank you GrowNYC volunteers and of course, Ida Yu and Cordelia Alquist.

Who knew being kind to the earth could be so much fun!

The stats side by side 2018 / 2019

Last year 362 people attended / this year 260 people attended

Last year 4808 pounds of good quality items were donated / this year 6,317 pounds

Last year 67% taken back to the community the same day / this year 80 %
Some more scenes from the November 9 Grow NYC Roosevelt Island Stop N Swap.