Thursday, January 16, 2020

Meet Long Time Roosevelt Island Resident Nancy Brown, Moved To RI As Goldwater Patient In 1965, Got Own Apartment In 1976 - RIDA Vice President And Living Proof That No Matter Disability, One Can Live A Happy And Fulfilling Life

Nancy Brown is a long time resident of Roosevelt Island and the Vice President of the Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA).

Ms Brown, born 1941 in Greenwich Village, contracted polio at the age of 7. In 1965, Ms Brown moved to Roosevelt Island's Goldwater Hospital as a patient and to be with her husband Tom, also a Goldwater Patient. In 1976, she and Tom moved to their own Roosevelt Island apartment and Ms Brown has lived on Roosevelt Island  ever since. Ms Brown says of the day they moved into their own Roosevelt Island apartment:

... It was the happiest day of our lives because finally we have full control of our daily lives....
Ms Brown remains very active with RIDA activities and many other Roosevelt Island community events. She says:
... I'm 77 years old now and sometimes my body feels its age. But my mind is still young and I still like to do the things I used to do when I was younger....

... I want to thank RIDA for everything I am able to do with them and through them.  The accomplishments that it gave me, the places I've visited , the events I attended. The wonderful and caring people I've met. I'm living proof that no matter the disability, one can still live a happy and  fulfilling life....
 Take a look at this video about our Roosevelt Island neighbor - Nancy Brown - A Fulfilling Life.

According to RIDA:
The Roosevelt Island Disabled Association’s mission is to improve and enhance the quality of life of our disabled population on Roosevelt Island. The disabilities of our members are quite diverse so we try to provide activities and programs geared to their strengths and abilities., both mental, physical, and emotional. We also provide social services to help broaden their knowledge of organizations and facilities that can assist them in activities of daily living so they can live a ore independent and socially active life.
More info on RIDA available at their web site.

The Nancy Brown - A Fulfilling Life video was directed by Andres "Jay" Molina of the Coler Hospital Open Doors project.