Thursday, February 25, 2021

RIRA Recommends Divvying Up $150 Thousand In Annual RIOC Public Purpose Fund Grants To 12 Roosevelt Island Non Profit Organizations - Check Out Who Got What, Subject To RIOC Final Approval

The annual Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Purpose Fund Grants (PPF) review process is underway. According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp RIOC:

Public Purpose Grants first became available after the construction of Manhattan Park in 1989, when New York State allowed the fund to be established in lieu of the developers paying sales tax on construction materials.  

The RIOC Board of Directors approves the allocation of these funds each year. Not-for-profit community organizations are welcome to apply for a Public Purpose Grant by following the application process below. 

Public Purpose Grants should be allocated to benefit Roosevelt Island residents, enhancing their quality of life through education, artistic and cultural enrichment, improved health, or a better environment...

RIOC adds:

... As part of a process adopted at the May 22, 2008 RIOC Board meeting, the Roosevelt Island Residents Association ("RIRA") took on the role of reviewing applications and making recommendations for funding to the RIOC Board. RIRA's recommendations were based on the merits of each PPF applicant to the community and available funding...

The RIOC 2021-22 PPF community review process began earlier this month with virtual Zoom applicant presentations to the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) PPF Committee. 

 Click on links below for video of the February 8 and 9 presentations.

RIRA PPF recommendations are as follows:

1- New York Foundation for the Arts- Piazzolla-100
● Amount Requested: $12,348.72 (Prior Yr: $11,740.00)
● Recommended: $11,000.00 (Prior Yr: $10,333.00)

2- Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA)
● Amount Requested: $25,000.00 (Prior Yr: $25,000)
● Recommended: $18,000.00 (Prior Yr: $18,667

3. Roosevelt Island Senior Association (RISA)
● Amount Requested: $30,000.00 (N/A)
● Recommended: $16,000.00 (N/A)

4. Carter Burden Network, Inc. (CBN)
● Amount Requested: $31,000.00 (Prior Yr: $25,000 )
● Recommended: $10,000.00 (Prior Yr: $15,323)

5. Main Street Theater Dance Alliance (MST&DA)
● Amount Requested: $35,000.00 (Prior Yr: $35,000)
● Recommended: $16,000.00 (Prior Yr: $25,667)

6. Open Spaces – iDig2Learn
● Amount Requested: $21,700.00 (Prior Yr: $21,700 )
● Recommended: $12,000.00 (Prior Yr: $11,667)

7. Island Kids (IK)
● Amount Requested: $ 25,000.00 (Prior Yr: $15,000 )
● Recommended: $10,000.00 (Prior Yr: $6,667 )

8. R.I. Visual Arts Association (RIVAA)
● Amount Requested: $ 31,500.00 (Prior Yr: $35,000 )
● Recommended: $12,000.00 (Prior Yr: $13,527)

9. PS/IS 217 Parents Teachers Association (PTA) 

● Amount Requested: $25,000.00 (Prior Yr:$21,200) 

● Recommended: $11,000.00 (Prior Yr: $9,483)

10. Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS)
● Amount Requested: $24,500.00 (Prior Yr: $36,500)
● Recommended: $11,000.00 (Prior Yr: $18,333 )

11. Wildlife Freedom Foundation (WFF)
● Amount Requested: $10,000.00 (Prior Yr:$10,000)
● Recommended: $10,000.00 (Prior Yr: $10,000)

12. Life Frames:
● Amount Requested: $31,850.00 (Prior Yr: $31,850)
● Recommended: $13,000.00 (Prior Yr: $10,333 )

Below is the full RIRA PPF committee recommendation report submitted to RIOC for final approval. A total of $150,000 was allocated to 12 non profit organizations serving a variety of Roosevelt Island constituencies.


Also, suggestions from the Committee for implementing future PPF allocations.

According to RIOC Public Information Officer Amy Smith:

...those receiving funds will be announced at our Board of Directors meeting in April.

Is this a fair process? Last year, several applicants noted:

... We have been pitting groups serving 100 persons a day versus a smaller group that seasonally serves persons, A more fair and open process must be developed....
The RIRA PPF are subject to RIOC Board of Directors final approval.