Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Volunteers Ready To Clean Up, Remove Weeds And Beautify Shabby And Deteriorating Roosevelt Island Riverwak Commons Area Poorly Maintained By RIOC Says Southtown Resident - But Waiting 2 Weeks So Far For RIOC Boss To Approve So Work Can Begin

Roosevelt Island resident Josina Baez is sick and tired of the shabby and deteriorating condition of the Riverwalk Commons landscaping maintained by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) - or more precisely, its lack of proper care and maintenance.

Ms Baez writes:

Over the past few years the People’s (Riverwalk) Commons, because of lack of regular maintenance, has seriously deteriorated. Even the planting of annual flowers  was discontinued. 

New York City parks and numerous NY City local communities have volunteers who are assisting the NY Park’s department in taking care of their gardens. I believe we can do the same on Roosevelt Island. 

2 weeks ago with 2 other residents I met with Matthew Kibby, the chief of Roosevelt Island Grounds Dept. and we walked the Commons. Mr. Kibby having only +/- 10 people to take care of the whole island indicated that he would appreciate our RI residents help, but he had to get permission of his Boss for this to happen.

My request was: Clean up and weed and plant some annuals again. 


I'm told this "Boss" sent my request to the RIOC LEGAL Dep't  and there it got stuck: no reply, no answer, no reason given for a YES or NO.

In the meantime the weeds are full grown plants by now and the Commons looks “run-down”. The Commons belongs to all RI residents, a place where residents come together to enjoy the outside, to socialize, to relax, to watch their children play. It also should be a place of beauty.

I spoke to Ms Baez today about her efforts to clean up and beautify the Roosevelt Island Riverwalk Commons.

Here's what she had to say.


As we finished our talk, RIOC groundskeepers were spotted cutting hedges around the Riverwalk Commons though according to Ms Baez and others, 

the groundskeepers should be using hand trimmers, not power trimming saw, to cut the hedges.