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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roosevelt Island's Newest Eatery Opens This Week - Riverwalk Bar & Grill - Completes Restaurant Commons Area

Last Night At Riverwalk Bar & Grill

Two words not previously associated with Roosevelt Island are "Restaurant Row" but that may soon change with the opening this week of Roosevelt Island's newest eatery - the long awaited and eagerly anticipated Riverwalk Bar & Grill on the Riverwalk Commons. Time Out New York even acknowledges this auspicious event in their weekly restaurant openings section:
River Walk Bar and Grill Co-owners and brothers Jonathan and Salvatore Hoo hope to fill a void in Roosevelt Island’s dining scene with this casual bar and eatery. Alfonse Dicioccio—who owns nearby Nonno’s Focacceria—is also involved, but you won’t find much pizza here: The staunchly all-American menu sticks to burgers, hefty salads and fried finger food. 425 Main St between Road 5 and West Rd (646-833-7050)

Last Night At Riverwalk Bar & Grill
No idea what Time Out is referring to as "Road 5".

This week's schedule of events is below:
Please join us this week in celebrating the opening of Roosevelt Island´s newest restaurant and deli!

Monday August 17th - Bar is open for cocktails
Tuesday August 18th - Deli open from 6AM - 8PM for breakfast and sandwiches
Wednesday August 19th - Deli and Restaurant are open
Thursday August 20th - Deli and Restaurant are open. Family party at 6pm
Friday August 21st - OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING!
Yesterday Afternoon At Riverwalk Bar & Grill Deli

I ate their last night and had a great time. Sampled some ribs, wings, potato salad, cole slaw, onion rings and sweet potato fries - mmmmm sweet potato fries. Everything was good. One of my dining companions did mention that he thought the wings should be more super hot but enjoyed himself nonetheless.

Now if they only get some good Ginger Beer, I will be a very happy person.

Upon more reflection, even the opening of Riverwalk Bar & Grill will not make a Restaurant Row on Roosevelt Island like Smith Street in Brooklyn or Broadway in Astoria, but added to the Nonnos Focacceria, Fuji East Japanese Bistro, Starbucks and Fruit Stand, perhaps Roosevelt Island has a Restaurant Commons!


wx27 said...

Road 5 shows up on Google Maps as the road in front of the tram station.

Anonymous said...

I think the new Bar & Grill Restaurant is great, but can they please lower the prices a bit. $11 bucks for a Burger Deluxe and a Soda is a little steep.

Anonymous said...

i had the texas burger and i think it was well worth the money. It was a big burger and a healthy side of sweet potato fries