Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is Competition Improving Gristedes?

Previous posts have asked the question whether the opening of the new Roosevelt Island Duane Reade will improve the quality and product offerings at the local Gristedes supermarket. Well, I don't know if the new Duane Reade has anything to do with this but I just experienced an example of a product that I have asked Gristedes to restock months ago which I finally saw on the shelf yesterday.

I like ginger beer, particularly spicy ginger beer. For my taste, Barritts and Stewart's make the best ginger beer product though Goya is acceptable. At one time Gristedes carried the Goya brand but for approximately the last 6 months they did not have it on their shelf. Yesterday, I had to go the adjoining Post office so I walked into Gristedes and to my surprise there was the Goya Ginger Beer. Not knowing when they will get another shipment, I bought 3 large bottles. Sorry if that means I am hoarding the Ginger Beer.
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Anonymous said...

Not sure if this counts but since the Duane Reade opened there has been a "Now Hiring" sign posted on the entrance door of Gristedes. I haven't seen something like this ever since I moved to RI some five years ago.