Monday, June 15, 2009

Women Falls On Roosevelt Island Red Bus and Hits Back Of Head - Are The Red Buses Traveling Too Quickly On Main Street?

Image Of Red Bus Interior Space For Illustrative Purposes Only

There was a potentially very dangerous incident I witnessed last night (Sunday) on the southbound Red Bus at approximately 5:50 PM. After getting on the bus at Gristedes/Motorgate I made my way to the back door. The bus was not crowded.

At either the Deli or the Good Shepherd stop, (I'm don't remember which one) a senior citizen got on the bus. She was walking with a cane and made her way a few steps past the driver. As she was about to sit down, the driver abruptly resumed his route starting up the Red Bus very quickly causing the women to lose her balance, fall and hit the back of her head on the bus floor. Fortunately, the woman was not hurt. She bounced up very rapidly even before the other passengers could come to her assistance. The bus never stopped.

During the ride, I was standing, holding on to the hand rail and had to work more than usual for a bus at maintaining my balance. The driver was going too fast. Another passenger on the bus told me that the bus drivers often drive at what she felt was an unsafe speed on Main street.

On a positive note, the Red Bus GPS tracking system worked very well informing me what time the southbound Red Bus would arrive at the Gristedes/Motorgate stop.


Anonymous said...

I find the driver's on the Red Bus generally very thoughtful, particularly of those who are physically challenged. But there are one or two who tend to be quick to get off the mark. Perhaps they have a schedule? If so - perhaps just a reminder that some of the senior and less physically able population need to be near a pole or a seat before the bus starts off again.

Anonymous said...

I hope the woman goes to a doctor. Natasha Richardson also bounced up and said she was ok. She wasn't.

Anonymous said...

It's not if the drivers are nice or not, it's if they driving are too fast, which they are and they also don't always abide by the traffic signs, are they obsolved of following traffic rules on Main Street?

Anonymous said...

No, they are not. When I moved to RI 6 years ago I only had good things to say about the drivers. Now there is only one of them left and he is the nicest driver you can possibly imagine. All the others are a hit and miss. It's a shame.

NYC Letter Writer said...

Does anyone know the drivers name. If so please email: I am here to support the people on roosevelt island who need to be represented. There needs to be respect for people on this island and I am here to represent them. Thank you! :-)

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