Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Did Roosevelt Island Vote In NYC Democratic Primary Elections For Manhattan DA, NYC Public Advocate and Comptroller?

Public Advocate Candidate Bill deBlasio together with Jessica Lappin and Micah Kellner at Roosevelt Island gathering
Wonder how Roosevelt Island residents cast their ballots in last Tuesday's Democratic Party Primary Election for Manhattan District Attorney, NYC Public Advocate and NYC Comptroller? Below are unofficial numbers based upon the count of a campaign volunteer after the polls closed at PS/IS 217. Again, this is an unofficial Roosevelt Island count of votes cast in the 95, 96, 97 and 98 Election Districts. They do not include those who voted at the Coler Campus (94th ED) or the Goldwater/Southtown site (99 ED).
Manhattan DA
Crocker-Snyder: 206
Vance: 197
Aborn: 80

Public Advocate
DeBlasio: 166
Green: 134
Gioia: 104
Siegel 62

Liu: 202
Yassky: 154
Katz: 109
Weprin: 38
The total number of votes cast on Roosevelt Island based upon this unofficial count was 526.

NY 1 has the complete City wide primary results. There will a runoff election for NYC Public Advocate and City Comptroller on September 29.