Friday, April 9, 2010

Visit The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market - Get Fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Cannolis, Pickles, Olives, Polish Sausage, Cheese, Quiche, Bread & More

What happened to the beautiful weather? Yesterday was great and today is dreary.

Don't despair tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and nice though not quite as hot as yesterday.

The good weather is on the mind of the most recent addition to Saturday's Roosevelt Island Farmers Market, pastry chef's La Bella Torte who tweeted:

Okay, people the warm weather is here. Com on out Saturday to the Roosevelt Island Island Farmers market. We'll...
La Bella Torte's owners introduced themselves at the April RIRA Meeting and expressed interest in opening a pastry shop here on Roosevelt Island. Why not stop by their booth at the Farmers Market tomorrow, say hi and have a cannoli?

The Roosevelt Island Farmers Market is offering quite a bit of product variety. They have fresh vegetables

and fruits,

pickles and olives,

an assortment of fresh mozzarella cheese, breads, homemade ravioli and chicken entrees from Hoboken Farms ,

Stefan & Sons home made Polish sausage, pierogi and stuffed cabbage.

as well as quiche and other gourmet delights from Yona's.

Sometimes, if Roosevelt Island residents are really lucky there is the good bread from Pain d'Avignon that is sold to benefit the Marlins swimming team.

If you want you can even get some tchotchkes too.

I just wish the vendors would accept electronic payments with credit or debit cards. RIOC Director Jonathan Kalkin tweets about how this can happen.
Roosevelt Island Garage now accepts cards! Going to inform the farmers market/other merchants about so they can too!
If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Roosevelt Island Farmers Market, here's how.

UPDATE 4/12- Received the following information from Nikki Leopold of the PS/IS 217 PTA who organize the Farmers Market:
For information on space rental at the farmers market, please contact Nikki Leopold at psis217info@gmail,com.

Also, I am attaching the vendors agreement that all vendors must sign in order to set up. Vendors must contact us a week in advance in order to set up.
Farmers Market Vendor Application


Anonymous said...

Did the Cannoli guy show up yesterday? I went to the market (it was around 2pm) and he was missing. I hope I was just too late and he'll be back next weekend.

Unknown said...

Yes, he had an emergency and he plans on being back next week.

Nikki Leopold
PS/IS 217 PTA President