Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are You Freezing In Your Roosevelt Island Manhattan Park Apartment? Here's How To Make Sure Your Heaters Work Properly

 Image of Manhattan Park In Winter

With the onset of winter and cold weather comes the perennial issue of keeping your Roosevelt Island apartment warm. A new resident of Manhattan Park is freezing in his apartment and asks the Manhattan Park Google Group (you must be a resident to join thought there are groups for other buildings as well) this:
Hey all,

I've got what I'm told are the older heaters at my place. This is my first winter at the 40 building. I can generally feel warm air blowing, but I can literally leave them running over night at the "warm" setting and the place is still frigid.

Shouldn't it be legal to have actual temperature settings on these things?
A Manhattan Park Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Delegate replies:
It is my understanding that all of the heaters are old heaters. BUT - if your heater isn't working, just call the doorman and tell them that you need to have a work order to have your heater calibrated. We need a maintenance guy to do this every year for some reason, but then the heater works fine. The nob should click when you turn it, otherwise, I've found that it isn't working right.

Hope this helps.
Another Manhattan Park resident advised that the heating/air conditioning repairman is very good and fixes everything. Give it a try and I hope you stay warm.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about Manhattan Park, but Roosevelt Landings (Eastwood) leaks heat so quickly that the heaters run constantly just to keep my place at 70. If I turn off the heaters for an hour, the temperature drops 10 degrees. Insane.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Manhattan Park is that the windows (including the window sills) are entirely made from metal. The window panes are isolated pretty well but the entire window front radiates cold. The vents of the heaters are installed right beneath maybe 10 inches away from the window sill. Guess where most of the heat goes after it left the heater? Yup, straight into the window area.

Add the fact that our heating system is entirely electric and we have to pay for electricity out of our own pockets and you end up with a lot of complaints :)