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Friday, December 31, 2010

Roosevelt Island Youth Program Open For Kids During Blizzard - Neither Snow, Nor Rain Etc. Keeps the RIYP From Serving Roosevelt Island Youth

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Blizzard From Olya Turcihin

Despite the blizzard earlier this week, the Roosevelt Island Youth Program was up and running serving the kids of Roosevelt Island. From the Roosevelt Island Youth Program:
Snow Can’t Stop Youth Program

On Sunday night December 26th, 2010 New York City was hit with a major blizzard keeping many businesses closed on a major shopping day, trains stalled, airports closed, even our postal system ground to a halt. While the City tried to dig us out and uncertainty was all around us, one thing remained consistent, the Roosevelt Island Youth Program was open for business at our New York City funded Beacon Program at PS/IS 217. We served breakfast at 8AM with lunch and a mid-day snack to over 60 youth until 6PM that day. With the United States Postal Service failing to deliver on their long standing motto we think after 30 years of not closing due to weather, blackouts or any other major event we can proudly state that the Roosevelt Island Youth Program guaranteed that “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds".
 Image Of Roosevelt Island Youth Program Serving Kids During Blizzard From RIYP


Anonymous said...

What a great program!

Anonymous said...

They don't get the respect they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Just saw why don't people know?

Anonymous said...

Our RI Youth Program is one of our treasures -- it does a lot of good for a lot of kids and deserves everyone's support. Between after-school education and recreation activities -- hundreds of children have benefitted from this wonderful service.

Anonymous said...

Poster above must be charlie Defino, 'cause everybody knows the R.I. Youth Center needs an overhaul - beginning with the Director.


I disagree,
From what I see, Mr. DeFino does an excellent job overseeing many different programs and activities for Roosevelt Island young people that have been noted in this blog.
10:32 - If you have reason to believe differently, please state your reasons

Anonymous said...

MR.DeFino does not need comments from idiots who care only about their getting money by using children.

Anonymous said...

To poster 7:12pm - What?? Who are you referring to? Do you think that no one has a legitimate gripe about the Beacon or Youth Center?

Anonymous said...

I am the commented from yesterday, 1/3/11 at 10:08 am. The person (or persons) complaining the loudest about the RI Youth Program and Mr. DeFino really needs to knock it off.

While the RI YP and Beacon programs have not been totally perfect over the many years they have been here, they are a sanctuary especially for those young people who need some structure and organization to the afterschool hours, where research shows, they are most likely to get in trouble.

The leadership and board of the RI YP and Beacon program have taken their lumps along with the praise over the years, and frankly, no one else has really come along in all the years I have lived here to offer anything better.

So,to the complainers and the few Charlie-haters -- if you can do better - come forward - or volunteer to help. Otherwise, please knock it off...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the Youth Center is a joke. They want a pat on the back for being open during a blizzard. Try staying open on the weekend.

The program does nice stuff for the young kids. It does nothing for the 12-17 year olds that are terrorizing the island non-stop.

Neither does wearing rosary beads around your neck when you're the director.

Anonymous said...

The Beacon is not that bad, but the rest of the Youth Center Programs, besides the Little League, are. Why isn't RIRA trying to force Charlie to do more for the Teens on the island. They must be scared of him.