Tuesday, March 4, 2014

NYC Health & Hospitals Corp Tells RIOC That Roosevelt Island Steam Plant Will Close March 31 - RIOC Tells Residents Temporary Sportspark Boiler Will Be In Place By Closure Date If Not Sooner And Take No More Than 7 Days To Install

As reported last January:

... Concerns have been expressed recently by some Roosevelt Island residents regarding the closing, even temporary, of the Sportspark facility when the Steam Plant closes...
and October 2013:
... RIOC Director Howard Polivy and President Charlene Indelicato reported that the Roosevelt Island Sportspark facility

Sportspark Image From Google Maps

may have to temporarily close ... because of the scheduled closing of the Steam Plant.

 Image Of Roosevelt Island Steam Plant

Mr. Polivy explained that the Steam Plant supplies power to the Sportspark and without the Steam Plant, or, a substitute energy source, the Sportspark cannot operate....
The issue of the NYC Health & Hospitals Corp (see Page 6 of HHC Capital Committee Report) closing the Roosevelt Island Steam Plant and RIOC installing temporary heating for Sportspark was discussed during the February 20 meeting of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Operations Advisory Committee (audio web cast here). During that meeting it was reported that a temporary heating solution would be installed by the end of February.

RIOC President Charlene Indelicato later clarified that the Sportspark temporary boiler would be installed by the end of February, weather permitting. If weather was a problem,  Ms. Indelicato reported that the installation would be completed no later than the end of March and Sportspark will not be closed more than a week for the temporary boiler installation.

Ms. Indelicato told the Board Directors that March 31 is the date NYC has told RIOC

that the Steam Plant will be closed though she added that NYC Health & Hospitals Corp has been constantly shifting the final date of the Steam Plant closing.


CheshireKitty said...

Don't think so Rossie: You guys are Losers with a capital L. Your side lost in the Mayoral election - big time. You might as well accept your Loser status, crawl back into the Neanderthal cave you came from to lick your electoral wounds. The vast majority of the population of the City of NY have had about enough with your backward, conservative politics. That's why all the Bloomberg-clones were kicked out. Accept it and stop wasting everyone's time with your yipping and yapping about de Blasio. If Lhota had had anything new to say, people would have voted for him. But people saw him for what he was: A tired Giuliani-wannabe Bloomberg-retread. And they rejected him - in spades. You don't like the Mayoral election results, you should have gone out and tried to help Lhota. But did you? Naaahh. You just expected everyone to naturally cast a right-wing vote since conservative politics are "superior." Well, welcome to the real world, Rossie: Most people don't agree with you! And of those that bothered to vote, the vast majority voted for de Blasio and all that he stands for. Accept the bitterness of defeat, Rossie. If you can't accept it, then you should get involved and join the Republican Party, work for their candidate. Maybe another billionaire like BB will surface from the muck of non-stop money-making, to be the champion of the wealthy. You would like that, wouldn't you. If so, there's your man - you can volunteer to work for him to become Mayor and steer things back on the the "right" track, back to the way things were under BB, steering all the money and all the benefits into the gaping greedy maw of people like you, the wealthy.

OldRossie said...

this is fun - I can quote you in response: regarding your characterizing me as wealthy (as a negative thing), here's what you said about yourself: “Material possessions - got 'em! More, much more than I need. I got so many pairs of ahem "elite" athletic shoes of all types, my walk-in closets (oh yes - my nice subsidized apt comes with wonderful walk-in closets) are overflowing with sneakers… I have so many "things"… I have money (obviously) yet unlike you I don't have to work.”

this one is from: http://rooseveltislander.blogspot.com/2013/09/roosevelt-island-amish-farmers-market.html#comment-1048433474

And regarding your calling me a loser, you said:
"So now you are finally giving up and calling me names. Tsk tsk - I've finally gotten to you - again."

thats from your comment here: http://rooseveltislander.blogspot.com/2014/02/scenes-from-another-roosevelt-island.html#comment-1244895967

Anything else?

CheshireKitty said...

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Please continue with quoting me to myself. I find the "attention" quite flattering!

NotMyKid said...

Benjamin, what on earth are you proposing?

How about giving public safety employees a pension that they deserve.

How about helping undo an ancient law in the rioc by laws that prohibit employees that are part of a union to collect a state pension from rioc!. An old law out in place due to the teamsters building the island from yesteryear.

How's that for unfair!

Officers putting their lives on the line with meager pay and non existent pension,

No, let's worry about a construction crew who get paid an excellent wage and are part of excellent and large unions.

Do some contractors use non union workers? Yes.

OldRossie said...

You say, "put my comments into perspective", while your comments constantly include the words "if it were up to you", "if you had it your way", or "why not say". You categorize every person that comments here into some political party or religion (or both). I don't actually have to have an opinion - I can put ANYTHING out there and you'll rant about it with fake facts to support your own opinion! I'm sure no one else reads any of this, because why would they. there's no reasoning with you, or discussing a topic in any serious way - you're so far out there this has got to be your only outlet. but it's just too much fun to let it go! I admit, I feel like a loser by constantly coming back here and taking time to read and type... there's no point... I certainly wouldn't admit this obsession. But when I see cranky old women scouring and hissing at people for no reason, I know one of them might be you, and it's just too tempting to keep it up to see what the loon will say next! So bring it on, Dear Helen! Shock me!

CheshireKitty said...

i finally got to you! Yay! When you resort to name-calling, that means you're out of arguments! LOL!

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I don't categorize you or anyone else - why do you say I categorize you or anyone else? And if I do, you don't? What else can we say after all - if someone is espousing a certain set of beliefs, nine times out of ten, they ascribe to the full complement of beliefs, e.g. conservative loony-tune ideology a la Sarah Palin! Maybe this doesn't describe you exactly - but so many who will voice anti-de Blasio beliefs you can be sure will have in general a conservative outlook. So they did lose - that's just the way it is!

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OldRossie said...

Helen, you're not following - you can't get to me! to get to me, what you say would have to matter! Or at least be coherent.. but you're right, I meant scowl, thanks for that.

I just wrote a long thing talking about de blasios approval rating, the UFT charter school, I defined the word fact for you... but what's the point! it's more fun to to just trigger your rants. Go!

CheshireKitty said...

Judging from the article, it was a flop. I doubt if the staff was non-union. So it just goes to show you that charters aren't always so great.

Mark Lyon said...

Unions have repeatedly shown they're not so great at actually running the businesses they try to start. See, for example, the COLORS restaurant debacle.

The skills involved in collecting funds from a captive audience don't necessarily translate into the ability to run a profitable enterprise.