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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Long Lines Past The Turnstyle And Down Stairs Greet Roosevelt Island Tram Riders On First Evening Commute With Only Single Tram Cabin Running For Tram Station Repairs - It Was Horrific Says One Resident

A Roosevelt Island Tram rider shares these photos and reports:
It's now 6 PM

Line is stretched beyond turnstiles


down the steps.

They should ban bikes, and strollers must be folded at peak hour..whelchairs are suffering.

This is ridiculous
Another Roosevelt Island resident added:
A disaster. No clue as to why Red Bus service to the city doesn't start running at 8:30 am...
During the July 25 Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Operations Advisory Committee meeting, RIOC engineering consultant Mike Russo described the Tram Station repair project and use of a single Tram cabin to RIOC Directors.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Tonight was just the beginning.

UPDATE 10:50 PM - A Resident suggested:
There need to be signs on the Manhattan side that highlight (to tourists especially) that the tram is a critical way those who are disabled and with small children/strollers get home. If you are able to take the F or red bus, kindly do so as the tram is only 50% functional.

Or something like that. It's awful when the crowds are so big, pushing over small kids, people with disabilities, and well, everyone. It's awful. More signage!
I agree-it was horrible. As much as I don't like the subway, I'll be using the F subway until the repairs are done.
and another:
And that's why I moved to Astoria. Loved the island but hated the commute