Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Roosevelt Island Homeless Issue Growing Concern Among Frustrated Residents At Lack Of Solutions - Community Member Has Idea For Showers, Bathrooms, Laundry & Social Services At Unused Coler Hospital Space

Reported previously on Roosevelt Island residents increasing concern and frustration with:

... a growing homeless population and no social service to speak of....
A long time member of the Roosevelt Island community puts forward an idea for discussion about the issue of homeless people on Roosevelt Island.
Recently I have been thinking about the growing transient and indigent population on the Roosevelt Island, both from the perspective of humane relief and from the perspective of the new issues imposed on the community -- community outreach and community response. I was entering the subway when the odor was overwhelming. I covered my nose and was reprimanded by a young woman for a lack of compassion. The cause of the odor this particular day was someone, a gentleman, I have often helped. I understand both concerns: the social justice concern, that every human is entitled to adequate shelter, and the pragmatic concern, that people fear the health/hygiene issues and related costs.

In response, I have tried to find a middle path that might address both the humanitarian concerns and the added cost imposed on a community, when there is a growing homeless population (I will refer to the latter in economic terms, as externalities, as such costs are shifted to the public budget, which is already stretched thin).

Recently a suggestion was floated that unused space in the hospital at the north end of the Island could be repurposed for beds. The community responded that this could create greater crime and health/hygiene issues. Too often public shelter facilities do not adequately address the longer term impact on the surrounding community. There are meaningful rights on both sides, and both need to be discussed and respected.

However, this proposal offers the opportunity to craft a modest solution: the unused hospital space could be repurposed to provide two showers, lavs, laundry and lockers. The facility could be open initially two days a week 8:00am to 8:00pm, and supervised with two personnel (a cleaning employee and a manager). Public Safety could be present to prevent potential victimization of the guests. Individually packaged toiletries could conceivably be solicited as "charitables" from corporate manufacturers. Towels would have to be worked out (as these present a hygiene issue). Los Angeles has pioneered a successful shower on wheels program through the work of private individuals. This could offer a model for humane relief throughout the city.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Roosevelt Island Non Profit Organizations Interviewing With RIRA Committee For Slice Of RIOC $150 Thousand Public Purpose Funds Pie February 18 & !9 - Applicant Calls For Changes In Pitting Groups Against Each Other In Selection Process

According to the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC), Public Purpose Funds (PPF) interviews take place Tuesday, February 18 and Wednesday February 19. Below is the  PPF interview schedule.

Interviews will take place over two nights in Good Shepherd Community Center - 543 Main Street. Applicants will have 20 minutes to present the projects for which Public Purpose Funds (PPF) are being requested.

It's True, Roosevelt Island Is A Magical Little Island - Captured By New Resident's Tram Sketch And Nighttime Tram Aerial View Video

Jessica Klein is a recent arrival to Roosevelt Island and a talented sketch artist. I and several other residents noticed and liked her Roosevelt Island Tram  sketch social media post

I asked Ms Klein for info on the sketch. According to Ms Klein:

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day - Was That A Heart Shaped Cloud Seen Over Roosevelt Island NYC East River Waterfront?

What a great gift for Valentine's Day - A heart shaped cloud over Roosevelt Island?

It's a wonderful thought, but not really.

Roosevelt Island Residents Working Together To Create, Protect, Restore, Maintain, Our Healthy Natural Habitats For All - It Takes Only One Person To Say I'm Going To Do Something

Roosevelt Island resident and iDig2Learn Founder Christina Delfico reports on the February 12:

Engaged RI: Nature Meet Up for Environmental Understanding continues the conversation with local islanders thanks to Cornell Tech's Opportunity Grant from Cornell University's Office of Engagement Initiatives for a year of planning to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island.
There were many wonderful presentations at the Engaged RI Meet Up on Roosevelt Island natural history, habitat and wildlife (Stay tuned for videos) as well as a presentation by Green Roosevelt Island Neighbors (GRIN) founder Anthony Longo who described:

Good News, Roosevelt Island F Train Service To And From Manhattan This Weekend, E Train Service Too - Watch Video Of MTA Presentation On Roosevelt Island Subway Service

According to the MTA there will be Roosevelt Island F Train service

to and from Manhattan this weekend. E Train Roosevelt Island weekend service too.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Weill Cornell Medicine Postdoc Pub Talk At Roosevelt Island Nisi Restaurant Bridges The Gap Between Scientists And Science Curious, Good Food And Drink Too - Watch Video Of Postdoc Talia Mota Talk On HIV Cure: Captain Of The Immunoligical Space Ship

The Postdoctoral Association of Weill Cornell Medicine hosted their fifth neighborhood Pub Talk event at Roosevelt Island's Nisi Kitchen on Tuesday February 11. According to Post Doc PubTalks:

Postdoc “Pub Talks” are a series of events featuring the research of postdocs from Weill Cornell Medicine designed to engage both fellow researchers and science enthusiasts from around New York City! Presenters discuss what they are doing in the lab and clinic to advance the scientific frontier in biomedical research.

What is a postdoc?? A postdoctoral scholar, or “postdoc” is a temporary mentored research position held by an individual with a doctoral degree. Postdocs engage in research and training that allows them to acquire the professional skills necessary to pursue a related independent career.
The subject of last Tuesday's Postdoc Pub Talk was
The Inflammation Situation: Tales From Immunologists
beginning with Postdoc Heidi Meyer introducing the event, speakers and explained the idea behind the talks is to share ideas about the Postdocs research and to bridge the gap between scientists and the science curious. Also, to have a good time with food and drink.

And a joke from Ms Meyer - What kind of flowers do bacteria like? The answer is ..... Watch the video to find out.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Welcome New Roosevelt Island Resident And Storyteller - You're Invited To The Meth ... Stories You Won't Hear On Public Radio, On Febraury 15

You never know where you may meet an interesting person on Roosevelt Island. While waiting on cashier's line at the new Foodtown supermarket last weekend, I started a conversation with person in front of me about the improvements to the store. Turns out the person,  Teddy Angelus, is a new Roosevelt Island resident and has an interesting story - in fact he is a Storyteller - and invites you to his Storytelling Show.

According to Mr Angelus:


Roosevelt Island Rooftop Bar and Ground Floor Restaurant Opening This Summer At Cornell Tech Graduate Hotel, LA Based Hospitality Team & NYC Natives Med Abrous And Marc Rose Named Operators - We Hope You Turn Space Into Your Living Room Says Graduate Hotel President

Roosevelt Island residents have been eagerly waiting for news on the rooftop bar and ground floor restaurant scheduled to open this summer at the nearly completed Roosevelt Island Graduate Hotel on the Cornell Tech Campus.

Here you go. According to a Graduate Hotel spokesperson:

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Eighty Days: Nellie Bly And Elizabeth Bishland's History Making Race Around The World Author Mathew Goodman Recounts Stories Of Famous Trip Presented By Roosevelt Island Historical Society Free Lecture At RI Library Thursday February 13 - You're Invited

The Roosevelt Island Historical Society (RIHS) is hosting a free lecture Thursday evening, February 13, at the NYPL Roosevelt Island branch (524 Main Street) by Mathew Goodman author of the NY Times best seller:

Eighty Days: Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland’s History-Making Race Around the World

Image From Mathew Goodman

You're Invited To Engaged Roosevelt Island Nature Meet Up For Environmental Understanding Wednesday February 12 - Meet Local Naturalist And Discover Hidden Green Spaces On Roosevelt Island, Take The Survey Too

Engaged Roosevelt Island was formed last year:

... to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island. Throughout the year there will be engagement events to foster collaboration with residents, community groups, schools, building managers, island businesses, RIOC, RIRA and elected officials toward a cleaner and healthier neighborhood.
You're invited to attend the next Engage Roosevelt Island event tomorrow evening, February 12, to hear a presentation by local Roosevelt Island naturalist Jack Burkhalter.

Monday, February 10, 2020

You're Invited To Meet Friendly Roosevelt Island Neighborhood Scientists, Weill Cornell Medicine Postdoc Pub Talk On The Inflammation Situation: Tales From Immunologists Research On HIV Cure And Lung Allergy At Nisi Restaurant February 11

The Postdoctoral Association of Weill Cornell Medicine is hosting their fifth neighborhood Pub Talk event at Roosevelt Island's Nisi Kitchen (559 Main Street) Tuesday February 11.

According to Postdoc Pub Talks:

Come meet your friendly neighborhood scientists! Two researchers from Weill Cornell Medicine will discuss what they are doing in the lab to advance the scientific frontier in immunology research.

Up first, Talia Mota will present "HIV cure: Captain of the Immunological Space Ship". Talia will describe her work looking at a type of cell in the immune system (called a “T cell”) and how it identifies and attacks HIV infection. Her work has important implications towards developing a cure for HIV.

To conclude, Xin Li will present “Exploring gut (fungal mycobiome)-lung allergy crosstalk”. The microbiome is the world of symbiotic fungi and bacteria in the gut. By experimentally changing the microbiome in mice, Xin explores the link between the microbiome and lung diseases like asthma.

All are welcome, we hope to see you there!

Watch video from prior Roosevelt Island Postdoc Pub Talks here and here.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Roosevelt Island Husband & Wife Featured In Article About Couples Meeting At Summer Camp - Meatballs Anyone?

Roosevelt Island residents Adam Guy and his wife Janet were featured in this February 4 article about couples who met in camp.

According to the article:

Friday, February 7, 2020

Sponsored Post - You're Invited To Roosevelt Island New Foodtown Supermarket Grand Opening All Day Friday February 7, Check Out The New Store, Products & Affordable Pricing

The new Roosevelt Island Foodtown Supermarket, located in the former Gristedes location,

is hosting a Grand Opening Celebration Friday, February 7 with  a ribbon cutting ceremony at 12 PM.

and vendors throughout the store all day with free product samples and give-a-way items.

Come check out the Roosevelt Island Foodtown supermarket lower prices, new  products, special sales items

and meet the Foodtown Supermarket management. They are happy to hear your comments, questions and ideas.

Stay tuned for more.


UPDATE 2/7- Today is grand opening of new Roosevelt Island Foodtown supermarket. Foodtown rep Richard Cabasso welcomes Roosevelt Island residents to the new supermarket.

Roosevelt Island Residents Tell MTA They Can't Cut Off Our Bus Service With Proposed Queens Bus Redesign Plan And We Think They Got Message - Coler Rehab, Octagon, Cornell Tech & FDR Park In Danger Of Losing Bus Service

Last Wednesday evening, a group of about10 Roosevelt Island residents got on a Red Bus provided by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) to attend the MTA's Queens Bus Redesign workshop

held at the Jacob Riis Settlement in Long Island City. Residents of Roosevelt Island's Coler Rehab and Long Term Facility attended the workshop as well.

Here's the proposed new MTA Bus route to serve Roosevelt Island and replace the existing Q102 route.

Image From the MTA