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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Happy Chanukah From Roosevelt Island - Join The Chabad Of Roosevelt Island For Family Public Menorah Lighting Saturday December 16 At Rivercross Lawn - Pass The Latkes Please

The Chabad Lubavitch of Roosevelt Island invite you to the annual Chanukah Menorah Lighting Ceremony on the Rivercross Lawn Saturday, December 16

Please join us for the annual Roosevelt Island Family Public Menorah Lighting Saturday evening, December 16.

The Fifth Chanukah Light.

6:30 PM on the south lawn of Rivercross.

Music, Dreidels, Hot Drinks, Hot Latkes, Doughnuts, A Gift For All, Chanukah Gelt

For more information, please contact
Happy Chanukah from the Maccabeats

and Roosevelt Island.

Pass the Latkes please.

History of Chanukah here

Scenes From Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting Ceremony Last Friday Night - Wonderful Event For The Community

A great time was had at last Friday's Roosevelt Island Tree Lighting Ceremony on the Rivercross lawn.

Santa Claus and the excited crowd began the Tree Lighting countdown from 10 down to 1

and then the tree lit up.

The festivities began with Main Street Theatre & Dance Alliance (MST&DA) carolers performing.


Best Wishes For A Happy Holiday from Island House & Westview.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Response From Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Chief To Times Square Port Authority Terrorist Bombing Today - If You See Something, Say Something

Roosevelt Island Operating Corp (RIOC) Public Safety Department Chief Jack McManus reports:
RIOC Response to Today’s Terrorist Incident

At approximately 7:30 AM this date, an individual strapped with an explosive device caused an explosion to occur within the confines of the Port Authority Bus Terminal causing injury to himself and several commuters. The individual was taken into custody by several Port Authority Police Officers.

I’d like to offer a few words on safety as it pertains to transportation modalities on Roosevelt Island. Both tram stations are under constant video surveillance twenty four hours a day seven days a week by the NYPD. Tram employees are able to contact the RIOC Public Safety Department immediately if suspicious activity is either observed or brought to the attention of Tram Employees.

Similarly, RIOC Bus Drivers are able to instantaneously notify PSD via portable radio if suspicious activity is observed or brought to their attention. The MTA has a robust security and safety program for NYC’s Subway and Bus systems. PSD is linked up with the NYPD’s Transit Police Bureau and regularly share information with same.

Additionally, our Ferry Terminal is under 24/7 Video Surveillance and PSD is connected to the Ferry’s 24/7 Operations Center in the event of an emergency.

As individuals, we can all help by contacting the NYPD’s Counterterrorism Hotline at 888-NYC-Safe if we observe suspicious activity either on or off Roosevelt Island.

NYPD 114 Crime Prevention Officer Meets With Roosevelt Island Residents Association - RIOC Public Safety Chief Updates RIRA Public Safety Committee Too

On November 1, NYPD 114 precinct Crime Prevention Officer Gabe Tovar spoke to the Roosevelt Island Residents Association (RIRA) Common Council about recent burglaries as well as phone scams involving false claims of being with the IRS, Con Ed and others.

Officer Tovar advised to hang up if you receive these types of phone calls.

About Roosevelt Island, Officer Tovar said:
... this is a very, very safe Island...
The RIRA Public Safety Committee usually meets every month, often with Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department Chief Jack McManus and Deputy Chief Kevin Brown.

Below is the RIRA PSC report of the October 30 meeting.
Committee Meeting Minutes – 10/30/2017

Updates on Statistic:

Vertical Patrols: Statistics indicate that the WIRE building’s are receiving the appropriate number of patrols for a total in September of 937:
  • Roosevelt Landings 690, 
  • Island House 105, 
  • WestView 97, 
  • Rivercross 45, 
  • Motorgate Patrols for September 385.
Crime Statistic: Chief McManus presented crime Statistics which indicated that for the year from September 2016 - September 2017 the following:
  • Total number of misdemeanors decreased, 77 - 66; 
  • violations-non- crimes decreased, 452 -390; and
  • Index Crimes increased, 22 - 25. 
Chief McManus also reported that crime had decreased on the Island since he had started by 19% between 2014 and 2015.

Recent Incidents:

Chief McManus responded to questions related to the recent burglaries in Westview and on the recent stabbing behind 510.

Burglary was in Westview, no forced entry, perp wearing black mask. Was caught on WV camera when running downstairs, and at door station.

He was identified, and is attached to 2 other burglaries. He was identified and arrested.

The Stabbing victim is uncooperative, and is from off Island. Hasn’t provided much information to work with. There are no working cameras behind 510, (Presently there are also no cameras in Lighthouse Park, which is part of Phase II) which makes identifying where and what he was doing difficult.

Officer Training:

Deputy Kevin Brown is scheduled to conduct quarterly training. 3rd quarter training was focusing on CPR, Curtesy, Professionalism, Respect. 13 Officers were scheduled for tonight where specific reports will be used. Customer service skills are stressed.

Accuracy in reporting:

Update on steps that will be taken to guarantee that PSD Blotter accurately reflect documented complaint/incident was discussed.

Chief McManus stated that they would now provide one more Supervisor review, prior to publishing. In the past there was a 24 hour recap. The additional Supervisory review will probably make the 24 hr. turn around more difficult, but should improve accuracy.

The need for this was brought to light following an incident of Public Lewdness that occurred on 9/7/17 which had been incorrectly documented on the blotter and in the Desk Officer’s initial call for assistance as “Suspicious Activity,” and as a request for an escort.

Traffic Issues:

In discussing traffic issues in the Octagon area, as documented in Scott Piro’s report, Chief McManus reported that speed bumps were being considered and that due to the speeding, in certain areas on the Island, they would be training the PSO in using the radar guns, and are considering stepping up enforcement following the training.

The Chief mentioned that there was a new Security Director at Coler Hospital who he would be meeting with. He was attempting to create a multi- facetted approach to look at traffic control considering ways to deal with motorized bikes, etc.

Chief McManus reported that an accident had occurred down by South Park, where Off-Island youth, driving without appropriate license damaged the fence down at the park when their vehicle ran into the fence. Chief also mentioned that the NYC DOT had come out and assessed our street markings and that they would be refreshing all traffic markings.

Public Marijuana Use:

Openly smoking Marijuana in the area where children congregate appeared to have decreased, according to committee member Joanna, who assisted with the educational initiative and the creation of the signs. She requested the committee consider replacing the signs that had been vandalized, and put them back up.

Respectfully Submitted,

Erin Feely-Nahem, PSC Committee Chair
Chief McManus provided an update on the October 27 stabbing during the November 29 RIRA PSC meeting.

Below is the RIRA PSC report of the November 29 meeting.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Scenes From First Roosevelt Island Snow Of The Season This Weekend - And Winter Hasn't Started Yet

Roosevelt Island had a little bit of snow this weekend.

Snow did not stop this jogger running near the Cornell Tech campus

The Roosevelt Island Holiday/Christmas Tree on the Rivercross Lawn looked beautiful in the snow from the ground

and high. above

Roosevelt Island looks great in the snow.