Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Chase ATM Machine to Open at Roosevelt Island Duane Reade

Almost every day, well no actually almost every other month, more and more signs of modern retail amenities are appearing on Roosevelt Island. The manager of the recently opened Duane Reade informed me that a Chase ATM machine will be installed inside the store during the first two weeks of October. Existing Chase customers will not be charged for using the ATM. Also, I noticed that there is a coin change counting machine where one can bring in loose change and exchange it for cash. This is a very convenient feature to use for emptying out your penny, nickel, dime and quarter jars, however there is an approximately 9% service charge for using the machine. If you want to save the service fee charge, Commerce Bank has a no fee machine.


Alain De Carolis said...

Great news! I am on Chase and will definitely use that