Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When you Gotta Go - Where do you Go on Roosevelt Island?

A reader visiting Roosevelt Island and having any otherwise enjoyable day points out what we already know from previous posts about the necessity for public restrooms on Roosevelt Island. He also raises the issue of easily identifiable signage for the existing restrooms so that people know where they are. He writes:

Good Day: I was visiting Roosevelt Island yesterday.
I basically had a nice time, residents were very
friendly, but I was unable to find any public
restrooms. I took the Red Bus, which has terrible
service and should accept MetroCards, to Lighthouse
Park. I couldn't find any restrooms there, either. I
had to cut my visit short as a result. I was
surprised there were few, if any, places to get a
snack. Next time, I'll bring along my lunch, but the
bathroom problem remains. I was in discomfort until I
got home.
Did you know there was an industrial musical written as an ode to the bathroom? According to WFMU:
..."My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place.' It"s from the "The Bathrooms Are Coming,' an industrial-show musical produced for the American Standard Company to extol the glories of their wonderful plumbing fixtures.
Listen to the song here.
Image is from WFMU.


Anonymous said...

What bathroom to use depends on where I am on the Island. If I am anywhere around the subway station and Queensborough bridge I would go/run to Starbucks. If I am in the northern parts I would go to the restrooms at the soccer field/community gardens just north of Manhattan Park. During the summer we were also able to use the restrooms at the Manhattan Park swim club but that's just because we were members.

All that said the RIOC is competing for one of the new public restrooms that are going to be installed all over the city. My inside sources told me that we actually do have a good chance to get one. I sure hope that one will be installed somewhere in Lighthouse Park. I also assume that the plans for Southpoint Park are going to include a public restroom.

The complaint that the Red Bus should accept Metro Cards is a little bogus. Do you really want to pay $2 one-way? And what was this about terrible service?

RI 360 said...

I thought it was reported here on this site that per RIOC Pres. Steve Shane that the Tram staff was directed to unlock the public bathrooms at the Tram station anytime they are asked by the public? My wife says they have done just that for her and my kids anytime she has asked.

Anonymous said...

the best restroom on the island is by octagon park, just behind the church. there's a little driveway for the dep tunnel back there, and practically no-one can see.

very popular on weekend evenings.

Anonymous said...

oh by the way - a blog that not only namechecks wfmu, but ENJOYS the bathroom song AND links to it so all my bask in its glory... be still my heart.

i have the original lp, btw. but it pales compared to ford's 'tractor drivin' man.'

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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