Friday, September 21, 2007

Zog Players Unhappy with Roosevelt Island Playing Fields

Apparently the Zog soccer players are having problems with the Roosevelt Island playing field conditions.

We have received some feedback from a few of you stating concerns about the field conditions at Roosevelt Island. So we wanted to take a moment to address those concerns and let you know what we have been doing to rectify the situation. Zog Sports has been speaking with our main contact on Roosevelt Island for the past two months to try to improve the field conditions. Unfortunately, our contact is relatively junior and did not have the clout to get the engineering staff to help us improve the situation. So we made some polite noise and secured a meeting with the VP of Operations and Chief Engineer for all of Roosevelt Island. We will be meeting with them, as well as the field maintenance staff, on Friday morning, September 21, to determine what we can do in the short term to improve field conditions.
I think Roosevelt Island residents would be interested in the results of that meeting as well.
The image of the ball field by Queensborough Bridge comes from Bridge and Tunnel club tour of Roosevelt Island.


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