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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roosevelt Island Broadband Internet Access - Who Do You Prefer, Verizon FIOS Versus Time Warner Roadrunner?

You Tube Video Time Warner Cable Brainstorm

I received the following message seeking advice about high speed internet access on Roosevelt Island from a resident at 540 Main Street, also known as Roosevelt Landings, and formerly named Eastwood prior to it's purchase by Urban America. The reader is having problems with Time Warner high speed internet access during the evening and is wondering if anyone else is having similar issues.

I'd like to know if my internet issues concern other people too.

Since last fall I use a high speed internet connection (Time Warner) and have been satisfied so far. Last Friday (May 15th) internet was not available around 5 to 7 pm. Since then, every wek-day the same: Full access during the day, no access in the after school/after work hours. This is pretty inconvenient for my children whose school expects them to use the internet for homework.

Does anybody know what's going on here? Before adressing Time Warner (maybe I'm biased, but I don't expect them to have a valuable customer service) I'd like to know more about the general situation on Roosevelt Island.

Thank you and kind regards
I don't know about this particular situation but I changed internet providers over a year ago from Time Warner Roadrunner to Verizon FIOS and could not be happier. To date, absolutely no problems, reliable service and extremely fast loading times for web pages and wireless to my laptop works well also. If FIOS is available in your building, I would run, not walk, and switch internet service providers.

Verizon FIOS is also providing television service in competition with Time Warner Cable Roadrunner system. I am told by Roosevelt Island residents who made the switch to FIOS TV that the picture is much better than Roadrunner's. I currently use Time Warner Cable but would love to make the change to FIOS. The only thing holding me back from doing that is I am a news junkie and think that NY1 does a terrific job with local news. Since NY 1 is not available yet on FIOS, (it is owned by Time Warner) I hesitate to change TV service providers. But I am considering it.


Anonymous said...

Was so glad to leave Time Warner behind when we moved to RI. I too love (and miss NY1) but the overall speed of FIOS is superior to anything else I've had before. Never had an outage, never a problem.

Anonymous said...

The one disappointment about moving into 475 Main Street is that it has no Fios so we had to get Time Warner. We received a notice that Verizon had reached an agreement to install Fios in the building but they do not know when they will begin. Am keeping my fingers crossed . . .

Anonymous said...

I am new to 475 main as well, is there anyway to get a internet only service ? Verizon online still "thinks" they don't offer internet service to 475 main.

Anonymous said...

I am new to 475 main as well, is there anyway to get a internet only service ? Verizon online still "thinks" they don't offer internet service to 475 main.

Anonymous said...

Are there ANY internet services besides FiOS and Warner available on Roosevelt Island? I'm moving there next week, but every time I try a different internet provider, they all say that they don't offer service for my address on the island. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


To 3:02
What building are you moving into?

To the best of my knowledge every building on Roosevelt Island has at least one internet provider and TW Cable and Verizon FIOs are the only broadband internet providers on Roosevelt Island.